Partially based on a song by Hank Williams Jr., and partially on the true event of that Mr. Mitchell dying at the cemetery.

That Long Black Limousine!

All of us are destined to ride in a fancy car once.
We will all take our last ride in a long black limousine.
Rich and famous folks will make sure their families have the longest of black limousines.
Some would just as soon take their last ride in the back of a pickup truck.
Just their luck--it will never be.
That long black limousine will be their destiny too you see.
We are all destined to ride in That Long Black Limousine.

I know of a man that was helping my brother and another man dig a grave for someone that had died not long before. My brother told me about how he got extra tired, so he and the other man told the man that got so tired to go rest in his truck for a while. My brother and the other man finished digging the grave, and my brother went to check on the man in his truck. He said, "I got up close and thought that he had gone to sleep." He said that he reached in to shake the man when he didn't answer to his name only to find that the man had not gone to sleep at all. He was dead.

I wonder, did he think he would skip that last ride--The one in That Long Black Limousine? Even he didn't avoid that long black limousine. His wife had him buried in a different cemetery. All the family and his friends still got to mourn him as he rode in a fancy car as it went by.
The man was taking his turn in That Long Black Limousine.

Poetry by Damon
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Written on 2009-11-22 at 13:14

Tags Dying  Cemetery 

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I am glad I wrote this. When I wrote it, we didn't have a clue that my wife was sick. Now she too has taken her turn in that limousine. The difference is--Hers was blue rather than black, but the morning was still just as great among family and friends. My baby has always been a healthy and happy person. Everyone was caught so off guard when she was diagnosed with cancer just last month and exactly one month from the day she was diagnosed we held her funeral. She had the cancer (according to the doctors) six months or more before it was ever diagnosed.

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments on this piece and any of my other ones also. Damon D. Brewer

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