just something i thought about. kinda random. no purpose really, just thought about it and wrote it down. A man dies for us. y does he do it, y does he stand for us when we dont even know him? just a thought.

who remembers

who remembers?

who remembers the man who died on hill 3,
the one who always wore glasses,
the man who died fighting for his country.
do you remember this man?
I dont,
yet didnt this man die for his country and its people so,
he died for me and you,
so why is it i dont remember him?
we didnt even know him,
yet he died for us.
i never met him, didnt know him,never heard of him.
yet he died for us.
so shouldnt we remember him?
why dont we?
let us all remember the soldiers that fight for us,
whether we remember them or their deeds,
let us remember them and their sacrifices for us.
never forget them entirely,
always remember their deeds.
that is all we can do for them.
so that is what we will do!

Words by Ian
Read 611 times
Written on 2006-02-20 at 04:32

Tags War  Care  Thought 

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