morning thought. half in a daze, u know?


it pervades every part of life
like a dark fog it circles
creating fear and endless strife
and then it rears its head
and bears down on people like a black tidal wave
turning existence into a parallel of being dead
it turns people against one another
it it guides people into suicide
it pits brother against brother
it plays games with the mind
and turns faith into fright
and gives people the reason to grind
to grind away at the goodness of existence
and attempts to prove the evil of life
and asks assistance from those it harms
but they forget who they were so they merely grind the knife
so that it can cut deeper into them all the time.

Poetry by Ian
Read 2326 times
Written on 2006-02-21 at 16:39

Tags Misery  Daze  Fear 

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Feelings of dread and misery, know them well. Bravo.

Zoya Zaidi
A very profound thought, you have tried to explore the reasons behin the inexplicable...that is what makes it disturbibng in a manner of speaking, it almost sounds like loud thinking...ealry morning twilight zone of mind's conciouseness...very clvrly crafted poem..or is it one of those inspirational piece, which come out perfect iff their own...Nevertheless a very interesting read!!!

I like this one :)

i love it,i'm assuming it has to do with the conversation. You nailed, almost all of the feelings i was having about. It's really good

Mark Reynolds
these words show great knowledge of the forces at work. great job on this work