My wife was buried in a Lilac casket thus the poem.

A Lilac Casket!

We had raised our children until they were grown and gone.
Now they had kids of their own.
Still we stayed together.
Our love was true-blue.
We never dreamed that cancer would take you from me.

Now they have placed you beneath the dirt.
Oh how my heart does hurt.
Why did you have to go before me?
If only I could, I would gladly trade places with you.
I wouldn't have to think twice my wife.
If that would only bring you back to live out your life.

I love you so much--my darling wife.
You were my entire life.
Now I spend my days at the cemetery by your gravesite.
I spend my nights all alone knowing that I will always be lonely.
Because, You were my one and only.
How can I ever expect to be anything other than lonely?

I wrote this one a few days after my wife was buried. She was buried in a Lilac colored casket. It is really odd, though, that she should be the one to get cancer as she never smoked--not even one puff on a cigarette or drank a single taste of liquor of any kind. Also there is no real history of cancer in her family. Only two other people that I know of has ever had cancer. A cousin and one Grandma died of two different types of cancer in her family unlike in my own family where it is very prevalent.

Poetry by Damon
Read 953 times
Written on 2010-03-29 at 00:38

Tags Caskets  Death  Dying 

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I am truly so sorry about your wife Damon, my heart ached reading this poem. I am just so glad that your wife left wonderful memories behind. One day you shall meet her again.

A very moving tribute to someone you plainly loved with all your heart.