This poem is dedicated to my cousin, Himayun, who left for heavenly abode on May 9, this year.

The last wednesday

In a corner,
Distressed and torn,
Sat a father
Silently, shedding tears over the loss of his son,
With his heart filled with immense pain,
His soul bled.

Under the canopy of the grey sky,
Havin' fallen in the slough of despond,
Stood a mother;
Cryin' and mournin' the loss of her son,
With her heart growin' heavier,
She beat her chest.

Far away, in a distant land,
Happy and hopeful, is a brother,
Unaware about the ruthless game of fate;
His eyes glistening with hope,
he bows down and prays to the Almighty to keep his brother safe.

At the other end,
preplexed and devastaed
I stand, with the vision of him in the car, the last wednesday;
Nothing but tears escape my eyes,
Thinkin' of a pious and gentle soul dwelling in heaven.
(I really miss you, bro! Wish I could make you stay here forever. :'()

Poetry by Mirza Nazrana Bég
Read 571 times
Written on 2010-12-02 at 05:27

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Beautifully written, simple and elegant, and very moving. Poetry.

countryfog The PoetBay support member heart!
A grief shared is hopefully a sadness lightened, if only a little. My sympathy for your loss and my appreciation for sharing your love for your brother.

John Ashleigh
This is very heart-breaking. I'm sorry for your loss. Thankyou for having the heart to post this on poetbay. Keep writing - I'll be here to read them, for sure.