February 6, 2010: sometimes your grief overwhelms you to a point that you want nohing but death to take you away. This poem is a description of how hurt I was and how I wanted nohing but to close my eyes once and forever.

An Ode to the Divine Liberator

O! The Divine Liberator of grief striken souls, I know thy arrival is sure,
The freedom that thou provide is pure;

With thy might, come, and silence my cries forever,
It is the only favour that I'll ask of ye ever;

I count on ye to pull me out of my misery,
And unlock the prison of my life to which thou hold the key;

With thee soon I shall go,
Ye won't disappoint me, I know;

Come and make me find comfort in the embrace of eternal sleep,
And let this comfort stay with me, forever to keep;

A tune, in my ears, will be played by thee,
resembling the lullaby that my mother used to croon to me;

Resting on thy lap, I shall open my eyes,
From thence to a new life I shall rise;

Knowing that no longer will flow the rivers of tears,
I will be free of my all misery and fears;

With my visage glistening with true delight, with thee I shall walk hand-in-hand,
Leaving my grief 6-feet under a piece of land;

In thy chariot, I shall sit besides thee, on a silver fleece,
Oh! Finally I shall have the eternal peace.

Come and take me away,
Among these blind and ignorant wretches, I don't want to stay;

Liberate me please,
I don't want to live my life for others, to appease.

Poetry by Mirza Nazrana Bég
Read 916 times
Written on 2011-02-06 at 04:39

Tags Death  Peace  Lullaby 

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