When you are forced to live the dreams that aren't yours...grief and discontentment is all that's left in your life.

Dungeons of my melancholy...

All these years I have been drinking a poisonous wine,
I've been living the dreams that aren't mine;
In the ark of life I have been sailing,
I have lost my true self and I have been wailing;
In the midst of people I stand alone,
The sun of happiness, on the horizon of my life, has never shone;
Moving towards an unfamiliar future, I trudge,
Against my fate I bear a grudge;
The castle of my dreams has crumbled,
Walking on this unknown path, many a times, I've tumbled;
I've given myself up to my lonely and broken dreams,
where I'm forced to hear the heart-rending screams;
I want to close my eyes forever,
I believe, then, grief will grasp me never;
Now everything is clear to me,
I know how worst one's life can be;
In the lock-up of the wretched state of my mind, every dream dies its death,
Now, I've lost will and courage to breathe my breath;
In the form of tiny droplets of water, my dead dreams trickle down(my cheek),
Ah! What an agony it is to wear this unwanted thorny crown;
I cry, I shout, I moan: put me to sword,
For I'm not this strong to bear life's miserable load;
To myself I ask,''to which destination my life tends?''
A faint voice within me arsises and says,''towards devastative and tragic ends.''
Torn and tired, as I'm, from the dungeons of my melancholy I want to run away,
But hope, for a miracle, has made me stay.

Poetry by Mirza Nazrana Bég
Read 783 times
Written on 2010-12-04 at 07:50

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Made me sad too! When I donot see any light or the path seems too dark , I pray to Lord :-)
Prayers the the best gift that is given to mankind, no matter who we are or where we are , we can always pray !
Life is sometimes very hard for some people but we are always stronger to endure pain then we expect from us !!I will pray that u live your dreams :-)

"To thine own self be true." Such a simple and obvious commandment, yet how difficult to live it.