Uncle Riyaz passed away before I was born. I found a photo of him.Familiar emotions, for an unfamiliar man, rushed through my heart as I saw him...

Uncle Riyaz, would you?

Neither have I seen you nor known you,
Then why are tears welling-up in my eyes, when I first saw you?

As, in my hands, I hold the photo-frame,
Why is pain building up inside me when I whisper your name?

In my soul, why does your silent visage and your eyes pierce the daggers of grief?
Is it because your existence could've made a difference, providing my unpacified condition with some relief?

My hands, would you hold and tears wipe away?
In troubled times, unlike others, besides me, would you stay?

Too, would you in mud knock my hope down and arraign me?
Or would you, my invisible wounds, see?

To me, why don't you speak?
Silence, I dislike, speak the truth for I'm not weak.

What is it that makes me feel the agony of your absence?
Blood-relation or the love with a painful essence?

We both share the same fate, since in people's memories we have been long gone,
But there's me to remember you till eternity, for your are the new pain, in my heart, born.

Poetry by Mirza Nazrana Bég
Read 971 times
Written on 2011-02-27 at 07:59

Tags Existence  Difference  Pain 

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I had a similar feeling when I saw the pic of my grand mother , she passed away during childbirth of my aunt and my mother was 2 years old then..