My FIRST time writing this poetry style,
lamenting the decline of basic manners & decency
that there use to be.


Tolling Slow/Old Days Of Yore(Pantoum Challenge)

Do people really not anymore care,
what has happened to the world today?
strangers will punch you if they THINK at them you stare,
I miss the days when neighbours had only nice things to say.

WHAT, has happened, to the world today?
too easy to not help strangers, just ignore a fight,
I miss the days, when, neighbours had only nice things to say,
is it really a case of close the mind to equal out of sight?

Too easy, to NOT help, strangers just ignore a fight,
"Best not to get involved mate, Could get hurt"
Is it REALLY a case, of close the mind, to equal out of sight?
WHY is to do the decent thing a task to shirk?

"Best not to get involved mate - Could get hurt."
tolling slow is the bell for manners, respect, the death kneel,
Why is, to do the DECENT thing, a task to shirk?
For how selfish the world's becoming sad is how I feel.

Tolling slow, is the bell, for manners, respect, the death kneel?
Remember when people were not RUDE in a shop's store,
For how selfish, the world's becoming, sad, is how I feel
Oh how I miss the old ways of yore.

Oh, HOW I miss, the old days of yore,
I am sure the current world is just weathering a temporary storm,
Remember, when people WERE NOT rude, in a shop's store;
and RESPECTING your Elders, helping strangers, was the norm?


Poetry by liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2012-01-25 at 11:44

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Editorial Team The PoetBay support member heart!
Thank you for participating in this year's first writing challenge!

Melissa Ormond
Well done! I totally agree with what you have expressed in this, I've actually wrote a few texts on the subject, but none can be compared to this! I miss the days of respect, honestly and happiness! Keep smiling:)

nice written.. & true words that there were a days when people were not mean, not selfish.. people were innocent and were constant, faithfull for thier neighbours & for others too.. but now world is same but people are changed...

Six stanzas worth of challenge, well done, great subject, I miss those days too.

I wonder if you felt as I did, that writing in this constrained style was actually liberating, that I was able to put some old ideas into a fresh format.

Anyway, I sure liked your poem and I'm happy that you came up with this idea for the challenge.


Hans Bump
The passion of the poem was contagious
By the end, I was nodding my head thinking: "Yeah, I'm with her, that's so right, it's true!"
I like that you seem so comfortable in your writing style.

Also very well crafted to fit a difficult format. (Pantoum)