ugh. soppy and poorly written, as usual. you guys must be getting sick of my continuing obsession with unrequited love! ;}



Where to start? It matters not.

We left off with your candy-apple smile making my heart pound, making my breath catch at the back of my throat. My hands are tingling still...I know I cannot be long for this world, for I shall surely die of happiness even as I recall that you are not mine, no, can never truly be my own.

But as I said, it matters not. Your friendship is all I need.

Yet have I even that? For have you not distanced yourself from me as the months wear on? Often you leave, returning to my side but briefly, and always you take my heart with you wherever you go, and when I smile these days, it is only because I'm remembering your candy-apple grin.

Cruel is your treatment of my poor heart...alas! If you only knew what I was suffering! But you cannot know, for I shall not tell you. It would not do for a lady to inform a gentleman eleven years her senior that she has fallen madly and hopelessly in love with him, with his shadow, with his hopes and dreams, with his sweet sticky smile.

You won my heart without entering the contest.

Thus, I know you'll never give it back.

Words by PoeticProcrastination
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Written on 2006-04-01 at 06:06

Tags Sighing 

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is perfectness a word?


I win.

[dies from perfectness]

I'm feeling you on this one. [Heh, not the same person, however.]


You're very lucky that you have the ability to open up like that!
Unrequitted love is the one thing I want to write about, to just pour everything down, but I can never write about THOSE feelings. I avoid it as to avoid... myself...
Amazing poem.
You're an amazing writer.

Zoya Zaidi
This is so well written, one can never be weary of your writings, no matter what the subject!
(((Hugs dear Poetic))))
Psst,,,I hope, you have not fallen for your teacher?

Love, xxx, Zoya

Absolutely lovely.

I love the idea of the candy-apple smile.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey man keep them coming i have also made unrequited love an art form this helps me see some sense in my love for her rgs mike

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
Well writing about the heart and so well too, doesn't seem to me something you should be giving up on. Really enjoyed it. The last two lines just so good too. Set a perfect balance to the emotion of the piece.