a monolog in two voices

this is how I leave

What is it you want
(you are shapeless now)
Would you be sad if you knew
(I don`t think you would)
Everything is a symbol to you
(used symbols)
(you have got no unknown)
Only your own garbage can be explained
You do not even sense me looking at you
(even though it`s forced)

I am evil
Evil because I remove your peace
(evil because I know that I remove your peace)
Evil because I use your symbols to explain my disgust for you
(evil because you smile even when you don`t exist)
So evil I could have killed you in your sleep
(No , not that evil , because I only leave you)

This is how I leave
This is when despair enters

Despair enters as I leave you
-not noticing the separation
-maybe because there is none
There is no separation!

This is the way anxiety rapes the hate
(leaves hate soiled and crying in a dark alley)

The contours of steps is all that is left
and you of course
no longer shapeless
I can vividly see you!

everything left of me,
is this.

Poetry by Lourdes
Read 561 times
Written on 2006-04-09 at 21:09

Tags Despair 

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Zoya Zaidi
This is almost surrealistic,
Talking to one's inner voice,
Talking to one's consciences,
Talking to one's soul,
Talking to one self!

(((((hugs daer Laurdes))))))
This one is really good!
Very unique,
Very talented,
Very profound!

Love, xxx, Zoya