Freedom By The Ocean

Sitting on a fencepost with my baby by my side
breathing with the whistling wind and out with the tide
Listening to the wheeling seagulls' pleading, plaintive call
wrapped in soothing summer, sweetest season of them all

Lying on the sand with a cold beer by my shoulder
waiting for my baby to grow just a little bolder
Gazing at the snapping fire roaring in the night
counting all the sultry stars that burn so very bright

Darkness wraps its gentle cloak around our tired heads
with everyone around me curled up in their sand-carved beds
I lie awake to listen to a whale pod's crooning song
and I find I speak their language, so of course I sing along

Poetry by PoeticProcrastination
Read 711 times
Written on 2006-04-23 at 04:59

Tags Completeness  Perfect  Ocean 

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OH MY GOD. That was like, the best thing I've read in over a friggin' week!
It was B-E-A-UTIFUL!!

Jon Hanover
I like the lyrical feel to that. Great write.

Rhyme flow and content in a word excellent

I love this. It seems to tell three separate stories, or perhaps three separate chapters of the same story. I especially love the middle. But actually I love it all.