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Your poem is full of your innocence - and your pure heart- however the contents are alarming to hear the sounds of bombing at such a young age I am sure that I would not want that on anyone! Peace to you and to the world and keep up your love of poetry. Well done.

To Be Proud...I Am

Three here too! Wow...and how proud we are no matter what. My youngest son learned how to ride his bike today - for the first time...still a bit wobbly - but I'm sure he will get it right soon. Gee I was so proud of him today too, so I really felt your words in this poem. Lucky mum you must be too - ~hugs!~ Tamar


Just wonderful Audrey...it really made me cry tears to read your words. I was very moved. May God continue to bless you and yours. Tamar

When We Were Kids!

I enjoyed this very much. I totally believe that to stay young...gotta keep the kid inside of us alive...so I still get out the finger paints sometimes just for fun. No worries in the world as kids, then we gotta grow up and those boogie men that keep us awake at night - become bills to pay instead! Really enjoyed this - and the memories that it took hold of me of my own childhood when I read it. Excellent read and bookmarked. ps. reminds me of my youngest son now too !

The Fact (In response to Tamar's Forever You Will Be)

Thank you for your comments on my poem and happy that it sparked an inspiration in you to write this one.

The Bay ( a message for a couple of friends)

What a lovely poem. I totally agree with your sentiments. The world can be ugly out there sometimes... but it is such a beautiful place with our precious loved ones and cherished cherished friends. It is great that we can be an inspiration - a shoulder to people at the bay. A safe haven for sure. Keep up the very inspirational poetry Will. Tamar.

A Nightmare in the Nursery

No words can express.
May your loved ones "forever live"... in your heart.
In prayer with you.

Old Girls Fantasy

Well thought of! He is quite the popular man.... My mother absolutely adores him too, and she is 70 years young.

We Share a Native Soul

"so please know you are loved-and let your soul fly free.." Especially love this too. Lovely piece and peace!

Comforting Light

For He is the greatest. And your poem shows that. Wonderful piece. I have felt that warmth and especially in your poem.

Never Let Go

Very assonantal and full of sentiment. Well written.

Poetry and Poets

I stood at the station with all my luggage in my hand and just as I was about to get on the train to depart - I read your poem which touched my heart. It is one of the reasons why I decided to stay on at the bay and to tell you that your poem made my day.

Letter Of Friendship

That is so precious. Like people like you!

Life In Living Hell

Hi. This is a very deep poem. "I wish my puppets and teddies-Come alive and cuddle me" Sometimes it is so difficult to be heard. But God is always listening! And oh how important it is to keep the inner-child within us alive. I look forward to reading more of your work. Peace and Light! ..and teddy bear hugs to you!

Falling in like

We all know falling in love... Your choice of words...'Falling in like' is as though you have created a new expression! It's wonderful. Absolutely keep it up.

I used to know that girl

As an advocate for women's rights I especially liked how you gave options for this tragic situation. Also showing that abusive situations can happen to literally anyone. Well written verse.

Good Hard Times to Come

Faith. Determination. Willpower. Found it very inspiring.

Really Quite Out Of My Class by M.A.Meddings

Loved it. It gave me a little chuckle!