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Jessica Rexroat

46 years old from USA

The latest comments that Jessica Rexroat has written.

Oh The Pain In My Arm

Broken arm, infected nail - what am I to do with you my dear. Just smile at you and shake my head. You are living a good and fun life. You are youth and beauty. I know that these things will happen. You only have an arm, two legs, two feet, two hands, several fingers, several toes, maybe some ribs left to break, just please space them out. If you broke both of your arms you could always type with a pencil held between your teeth.
I love you dear, keep giving your gift to the people here at the bay. I am lucky enough to live with you, they only get little glimpses.

In Repair (Part 1)

my little girl, you are not a little girl any longer. you are a beautiful and amazing young lady.
You make me proud and you stand out against the rest.
I love watching you becoming the woman that you will some day be, a spectacular example of beauty inside and out.
Way to go baby!

Upon Your Face

your smile is grace to me, it is my joy and you face is such a precious plane. God did put a beautiful smile upon your face and when I see it I cannot help but smile myself.

No Electricity Bill

sweetheart I had to comment on this and tell you how proud I am of you and your beautiful talent. Your faith radiates from you and makes you all the more beautiful. Your talent is a gift and you use this gift well! I love you dear daughter.

I Will End My Days In Indiana by M.A.Meddings

I read this poem in my honor Lit. class oh so many years ago and loved it and still love it now! What a fitting introduction to another beautiful poem. I admire the class and intelligence in your writings. It is so refreshing to see such classic writing style. It hails to the great poets and writer's that we all study and love. Your talent is true. (Your taste in women is also classy and intelligent, my dear aunt Kathy deserves such verses of love! You keep writing about her and you can't go wrong)

invisible tears

great write, I got multiple meanings out of it, everyone of them good.


first of all, I am flattered. To inspire someone is so speacial and I feel privelidged.
This piece is an inspiration itself. The verses are so consice and flow so well. The point is made so clear.

Red Wine Interlude

You were right auntie dear! This is right up my road. It's a perfect little picture. It's a glimpse of bigger story.....I like that you made this vampire appear to be a "society" type, stiletto heels, diamonds...That's where the reveal at the end gets it's suprise factor. I loved it.

Stepping From Your Truck You Were Sexy

You go mom!
You and dad are such an example to me and have always been the couple that Outlook two.
And I can still see the passion between you two. Whenever I'm around both of you together.
It's beautiful, it's wonderful, and it's inspiring.
I also have to say, you go dad!

There's An Elephant In The Room

mom's right Shel would like this one. you deserve to be in his company of talent.

The Sweet Things in Life

Sweet poem, with a sweet beat

Inside The Storm

well put. the last line is my fav.

Who Will Defend Me?

Yes, the family that loves you as perfectly as a human can but not as much as our God can.

Sunday Morning Wake Up by M.A.Meddings

I've been away and have missed your pure romanticism. Beautiful and classic.

A Famous Recipe

Do you walk around at home with this in your head, cause usually when I ask you what you're doing you say nothing. Let me tell you this is not "nothing", this is a wonderful something.

Mighty Is The Power(modified)

You are brilliant my beautiful and talented daughter!


My Dear your words are so wonderful and pure, poinant and sweet.......I've known these things for a long time... and loved you for them.

voices of you

love you

Fade to you

I can hear you saying these things - this is beautiful

Boiling Anger

You've done this Haiku well. You do master those smart remarks, I know.

Stinking Stump a Lymerick

I laughed out loud! How great! What wit!

Sittin In The Basement With Cold Feet

Oh that cold basement ---- your feet may have been cold, but it seems your writing ability wasn't.

I Danced For Sonny And Cher

I've been waiting for you to tell this one.
This is one of my favorite stories to tell people when I am talking about you.
It's even better in poem form. Now, where is the poem about you drag racing and out running the cops???

Toy Soldiers

Of course my mind quickly goes to my dad. He was a soldier, but he taught me that soldiers could cry. He showed me how to honor others who have followed the call. He has passed the respect on to each of his children. I had a friend killed by a terrorist's bomb, we were barely out of high school. He did what he had dreamed of doing he was in the air force and while sleeping in his bunker house over seas a truck drove into it with a bomb attached. It was not war time. The group of them were getting ready to come home. So before 9/11 I discovered what terrorists do, what they intend. That was nearly 12 years ago. My father stood in his dress uniform and looked on at a fellow airman who had pursued his dream to honor the country and paid his life for it. My dad stood strong in his beautiful uniform, a picture of respect and command, and he cried. There are no toy soldiers, only people trying to do something more, something noble.

That Little Black Dress by M.A.Meddings

Tongue in cheek eh? Well, you seemed to be creeping towards some classic erotica (not the modern pornographic stuff), which is a good way to creep.

The Weight of A Tear

What a beautiful take on such a classic theme -tears. You've done justice to the subject.


clever, clever. your writing is sharp and so beautiful.

You never know

so well written Val, gracefullky put

Driving with Shakespeare

no not crazy, but maddness, which therein lies method....hey at least you've got good company to car pool with

I Stayed

stay that hand, stay it well on your pen and keep giving the words.....hard

Margaret lifted her dress

well it's good to get all of that out of the way and up front so that the two may focus on other things...more important things? hmmm? I don't think so.

I Don't Want Chicken

now, dad tries real hard to cook well for you, then he drinks his beer after he has had some cheese

Through Thick and Thin

what if you got a skinny scale? some of the numbers would be cut off....you would always be thin, maybe I will market the idea

Stone Cold

"syrupy saddness"....man mom, incredible.

Love's Last Goodbye

I read this and thought over and over again of you and dad. How brave you had to be when he left. The ending for us was different, but the rest is a biography isn't it? This is precious.


it shows that you have higher brain function, much higher

I've Been Loving You Too Long

Your love is an example to all of your children

Why Are People Mean?

who was it that wrote "I have no time to hate..." was it Browning, regardless, it is true.

The Wedding

you got it exactly right mom, to be there and witness it was witnessing God's hand in action, his grace and blessing.

Winter Takes A Bow

you take a bow mom, for your talent

Dribble, Dribble, Shoot!

Ok, just to let everyone in on just how dedicated she is....I broke my toe when I was a kid, it was during a Kentucky game. As I writhed on the floor with pain, she said "all they will do at the hospital is tape it together" just so we wouldn't have to leave during the game. Also I believe she broke her toe, kicking out in anger during a game....

Scandinavian Night

Goodness mom, I mean come on,.....I loved it.

Contentment On A Rainy Day

This is why I love rainy days, you taught me. Here it is in writing, that lesson you gave me.

Mind Games

Mom this is definately your day! I think you can't remember because your genius mind is focused on such higher thinking.

The Thanksgiving Tragedy

Mom! This is GREAT! I laughed and laughed and I actually saw all of it happening! You and Shel Silverstien play on the same court, and that is an excellant court to be on!

Echoes of Echoes

I love it. Most of the time the most revealing and poinant writing comes when we remove that filter between heart, head and hand that holds the pen. By the way..."bag of bones" hmmmm, is this a borrow, if it is, it is great, if it is not, it is great still.

The Visit

Oh Kathy! This touched me and brought tears to my eyes. I remember my grandmother Rhodes so vivdly and with so much love. I miss her more the older I get. Once again reality stated so well it is universal.

I Gave~You Took

YES! YES! YES! and YES. This one has the feeling of reality to the roots. It is solid truth from a survivor and is so exact I had to sit for a moment to regroup before I could even comment. I like these poems from you the best.

Email Wisdom

Thanks for sharing this, I will have Fred read it right away!

I Dance

way to fight the good fight - dancing in the rain is a timeless remedy