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31 years old from USA

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Only u

Excellent tribute.


Fascinating to a large degree, with such imagery that paints the perfect picture by means of excellent literature. And it rocks, too.

Hey mickey

Looking at the title, I half expected some kind of rendition or spin-off of "hey mickey, you're so fine, you blow my mind, etc" thing, but what I found was a little more on key. Casual language and repetition for presenting a situation and an emotion, and done very well. Excellent stuff.

A Time for Joy

Images are off the chart as usual. Amazing stuff.

Bossy Bitch!

Haha, very clever, very clever indeed. Excellent job, a praise from one poetry bitch to another. :)

Where Did You Go?

Yes. This is love.

Birth of Spring Haikus

I second that notion!

What a great talent


Sun and Wind in Winter Haiku

This takes me back to skiing with my family on the slopes of the Sierra Nevadas. Fighting the cold and the sun, with my big blue columbian jacket rubbing it's steel and fabric against my red-raw chin. This is a fantastic piece, bookmarked my friend.

Come with me

A wonderful masterpiece. You never cease to amaze, my dear. One of the bay's (and the craft's!) true gems.

Cracks in the Mortar

Very insightful, very honest and packed with integrity. A very good write, a very good message.

Frozen Fishsticks !

Adorable, humorous, and full of vitality and spirit. This is the stuff of legends! Bless ye.

Btw, I laughed with you.

Waves Never Stop~Wind Never Ends

Wow, gives me the nostalgic yearning for childhood, summer, and good things gone. Absolutely astounding piece Kathy, really good stuff. I love the imagery, it is phenomenal. Bookmarked, of course.

Future Dreaming

The center of the mind is the richest yet most isolated region. It is like being locked in a bank vault. All the money and nowhere to spend it. I find it interesting you mention Bush, as it says on the site that you are British, and me being a yank, amusing to behold. He's on his way out though, pretty soon we'll have someone new to blame our problems. Great text, everyone loves ambitious helplessness.

Love Is A Tree

Rain song by Zeppelin: "These are the seasons of emotion, and like the wind, they rise and fall." I like the way you put it, but I love the way you know it.


This piece really portrays tedious packing and unpacking. Way to catch the moment!

Hidden Feelings

Rejection is all the world needs to be afraid. But is it also the success we fear? Love is a double sided blade. Nice write, and welcome to the bay.


This is truth. And you are a great writer. To our boys, and to you, my dear, a very merry christmas.

Rubaiyat Compilation

What an honor it is to be poetically ensnared with some of the finest talents I will ever know. God bless all of you, and have a wonderful holiday time.

A Season of Christmas (Rubaiyat Challenge)

Intangibly majestic. I especially love the fourth verse; it's so mellow and suave. The whole this is a masterpiece, just as you are a master of the word. My humblest.

Tell It Like It Is

What a beautiful and graceful beat you have developed here. And the message is more than sincere. I commend you sir.

No more kingdom.

"I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life."

How about crying the waters of life?

Love this piece, more than worthy of that gold star, I commend you!

Presidential Pardons

Everyone does it.
All is in the right.

I use this as an excuse to ease my troubled mind.

Smiling Rainbows ( haiku challenge)

I only have one word for this piece, Kathy Lockhart.



Beautiful. The words cascading and bumping into each other make the effect all the more genuine and true. Very good work.

Q & A (Question and Answer [Co-Write with Stine Mari Hansen])

Now, if this was an intriguing piece
What words could I say?
If you wish to be wonderful
At the end of the day

I love the subtleties (sp) and I love this piece.

Acrostic Challenge Compilation

All of them are crafted so well. I'm afraid I wanted to keep my message straight and to the point. Shows me then, huh? Wonderful challenge from a wonderful poet.

To your health.

The Shakespearean Sonnet Sonnet


the beauty of the seed

Too true, Kathy, that all the invisible elements of the human heart never die, but live forever in the trees, the sky, the riverbed. Excellent piece!

A Pantun

So loving. I love this loving, it's the best kind, the dire loving. Dire loving is best, and this piece displays dire loving so passionately. So... this poem is the best.

What Chance did I have by M.A.Meddings

There is no limit to your mastery. "The infectious lilt of your laughter" is a classic line that I will remember.

First Kiss by M.A.Meddings

Your loud insides cheer
Right into your ear
You smile under both of your lips
In awe of your very first kiss

And you are the guru of love

A woman of class by M.A.Meddings

Excellent list of all things that should make a woman. The legs are the flag.

it'sall in the genes by M.A.Meddings Part two

Oh, the horrible fate to be a prisoner... ;) If ever I was captured (and I dare say I am) I would consider myself fortunately unfortunate.

It's all in the Genes by M.A.Meddings part one

It's a dance of death, and you sir have it down to a science. I love this.

On Hugging

Hugs are good, and so is this poem. Excellent work. We all could use a hug from time to time.


This poem, to me, gives off such a strong, invisible vibe. It took me a few tried of speaking the first couple verses aloud to grasp it's vernacular, so to speak. Honestly, this poem, to me, represents loss of innocence. It almost says "rape" to me. I don't know if that's the desired effect, but I like the piece nonetheless. It's different, and I like that. Excellent work.

Loving Among the Pines

This is true poetry. You can't remake this.

Fractured Autumn by M.A.Meddings

This is utter fantastic. When I finished reading this, I pictured a fractured eye with tears. You do wonders to me my friend.

A monstrous beauty by M.A.Meddings

Was it Aristotle who said that being bad was more fun than being good? You prove it so. What a read!

Iberian Haikhu by M.A.Meddings

Soft and sensual, just like you my friend. Simple and bold text more than fitting for the simple bold topic of love.

The wisp of dark hair by M.A.Meddings

I miss you, my friend.

Forbidden Words by M.A.Meddings

And you never actually say it, you tantalizing man! What a read, what a maze of perfection. Forbidden words are always the best, aren't they?

Rainy day Sunday by M.A.Meddings

Images of a dark and stormy beginning to a new week, a new life, a new woman, or perhaps the same. Is a woman a week, one with many days and weathers, and they always swing around again after a cold weekend? I think so, my friend.

Dancing with Scarlet O'Hara by M.A.Meddings

Classic line, classic you. Mustached purely by chance was a line that sent me all a gigglin. You're good at doing that.

The dark haired beauty by M.A.Meddings

Shows the imagery of a warrior princess. Your ability to create the most vivid images in the mind and eyes of a reader is most unparalleled.

The last Tango with you. by M.A.Meddings

What a write. Beautiful syntax and easy to follow beat. And any poem with the word enigma in it is truely divine. A wonderful read.

The wisp of dark hair by M.A.Meddings

Too beautiful, I would say too beautiful for words if you had not so gracefully presented them here. Masterful.

Distant Love Beacons

Yes. That's it.

Who are you to do this and why?

So many questions, and none being answered. How like life. This is an inspiring piece, and I give my humblest praises to it. It's just a maze of love and love... isn't it?