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34 years old from India

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Morning Walk

i love imagining this! :) I have recently found the hidden joy of walking and nothing can compare with the 'revived' feeling it brings about in you during and after! It really is the best way to attempt being at peace with yourself and finding a balance between yourself and the world around you. This poem described skillfully the beauty and richness of observation one can achieve from/on a simple walk. lovely read! can't wait for my walk seven hours from now! :) thanks!

Forest of Bere.

I can imagine it perfectly and that's what is great about this poem. I have places that i hold dear too, that just make me feel like im bursting with some kind of emotion. They make me smile like an utter goof for no particular reason save for their existence. And the fact that you made me LOVE your place through simply describing it in words is amazing. I love the portrayal of tranquility as a sound rather than an environment. Whittling it down to something basic was clever. LOVED this :)

Far On A Hill.

Let me just say that the rhythm and meter of this piece is just fantastic!! It flows like honey-rich, warm, smooth and constant.I LOVED reading it. (ALoud and in my head.) :)
As for the content, i probably agree with you just a little. I think that there are billions of people who do't have the facility or the luxury to care, while a few million care immensely but don't have the power to do anything and a few hundred that have the power but just don't care.
It's a vicious cycle.

The Unknown Strength

i liked it!
:) Sometimes being direct can bring you the strangest and most unexpected results. And afterwards, you wonder why you were worried at all.

the Ocean

i love the sea but im scared of drowning.
Having a healthy respect while loving the sea is paramount. i loved this poem because while you gush about the sea, your respect shows through. You are logical yet the rabid emotions are beautifully described. I loved it. :)

Love, longing and loneliness

This reminds me of the style of the greatest romantics! Really a poem that seems to ring perfection...:) loved it!


Pari! beautiful! Very insightful! Didn't think you had it in you! naww..am jus kidding. Keep writin em beauties!

The Eagle

nicce...i like the flow of the poem. And the rhyming isnt forced..fits just right! Eagles are scary now...:D but seriously- well done!

Disillusioned By Time

You were right! I loved it-as always-a joy to read Pari...if only we had stuff like this to study rather than stuff like the Red Wheelbarrow....gawd help us all...we're learning zilch and all i wanna do is go jump off a seventy four thousand foot(feet?) high cliff..(notice how i used two of my shar-says)
But really, this poemn really is very nice...i can get so much from it...the surface level and the deep...love the last two lines to death!! i must scrape something off the bottom of my dry inspiration pit...loverly my munch!

Poetic Stagnation

my god! you have described my situation exactly! I just finished writing a short poem about how i've slowly begun to write again...I was such a prolific writer and now i can barely write a poem a day....its coming back though...and i can see from this wonderful piece that you really aren't in poetic stagnation! keep writing...you're really good!


It makes you just stop and think. And feel sad about where we're headed.


beautiful Mark :)

A Woman's Rite, A Woman's Right, A Woman's Right.

love the title...very clever. I guess the deed returns control but at a great cost...can never be a win win...Life wouldn't oblige us by being so simple!


wonderful! i don't know y but i pictured an indian village for this poem. Felt like you really got their emotions, joy, jealousy, revenge, sorrow....great stuff Mark! :)


really well written...you manage to express the brevity of life and the aftermath of loss very eloquently...we're only here for a while n we shud use the time we have to the fullest! rock on!!:)

The Garden Of Eden

amazing! jus amazing! :) wish i was capable of saying more at this point! amazing form, well thought out...yet simple :)

I'll fall in love someday

me likes! am rethinking the club...real nice poem par :)

Til deg som har det tungt/ to you who have lost hope

the absolute truth! simple n sweet....ur friend is correct...inspiring..i like the form as well..keep it up! :)