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M Heathcote

54 years old from England

The latest comments that M Heathcote has written.

Poetry is Life Waiting to be Born

I miss your poetic voice here. Your insight and your worldly, love.


I agree, you take us back to those dark times the comradely, and even those class divides that was so prevalent back then. When, they shot them for cowardice for not going over the top to a certain death.

The Town Churchyard

I like this Elle your little delicate descriptive touches are beautiful.

Irascible Woman

You have defiantly got your mojo back, truly you were on song here! :)

moral-less fable

This is great Liliana I much enjoyed it and happy belated birthday wishes to you. x

sweet satin sheets

Take the sand as a metaphor for time. I love these lines.on sweet satin sheets
sand has no chance to scratch the skin of thoughts,
and all that matters
is the fluidity of shadows
making one's imagination blush.

Sometimes I wonder who you are

There's a lot of underlying affection here. It seems from this shadowy, lady. Who, it sounds like wants or has had an affair of the heart. An affair that once made a big splash, but is now just barely visible beyond the ripples observed from afar. Lovely written poem I enjoyed.


Nice poem, and the ending gives it bags of charm. :)


A powerful introspective piece of writing, I liked it a lot. Such honesty but emotionally tempered to very good effect. ;-)

laced waters - sonnet

I've read this a few times and I love it, it reads like some of Anna Akhmatova poems working through the night till those first wisps light. :)


Great wisdom exhibited here good write!

There's Just This Special Something

This such a lovely spiritual poem, much enjoyed! :)

panta rhei sestina

Like rosaries of dust and time
when river whirls like that, enjoy the view,
'tis then that all the strings around it rhyme.
Your poem is magical, I love the repartition
Of the rhyming scheme the whole poem flows
Winding along like the river and time its self.
Just beautiful Lilly a true work of art.

Mentioning The Sea

Very clever and witty a great read thanks for sharing it with us. :)

Picturing Heaven's Lines

There are many wonderful lines in this beautiful well written poem that resonate! loved it. :)

Thank you!

Its good to see you posting back here again Lilly your back Catalogue must be enormous by now I for one will look forward to reading them. :)

withering - haiga

A lovely haiku Lilly


A beautifully weaved poem out of Greek mythology, you've lost none of your talent my friend great work. :)

Fire in the garden of stillness

I'm not sure gardens are ever still even in the midst of winter but love work nice poem. :)

The Heart of a Woman

Beautifully written a lovely read :)

The bird of joy is singing

A lovely spiritual write nice one! :)

Note to Lilly (after reading "Wreck")

A lovely written nature poem I much enjoyed. :)

Note to Lilly (after reading "Wreck")

A lovely written nature poem I much enjoyed. :)

It Beats Me

This reminds me of my misspent youth lol :)

power has consequences

poignant for today! ;-)


Nice write, I like the way your thoughts are expressed... Their so real and meaningful, no meandering around, and hook the reader strait off. :)

The Blue Moon

I was looking at the brightest moon I ever did see last week.
And whilst I was looking I was all so thinking how can that be?
How can a lump of dead rock shine so bright... the world is a gazing as are your pictures in words ((Zola))...

Ghost Train

This felt like a kind of dream in that I couldn't pin it down... a very interesting read my friend.


It felt like a brutal but beautiful exploration of oneself... Loved it good read :)

She dreamed

a song of hope. much enjoyed it but felt it would have ended better with hope!

When I Die, I won't turn to Dust...

Let's hope we join with you on the wind in this journey, through time immemorial.
Together with all our poetry friends; like plum blossoms shingled across the shores of a chamomile ocean.
Let the winds and the tide, be one with all our voices.

The new year 2010

The thoughts you share here with us are beautiful and happily received. :)

Digging Deep

A thoughtful and caring tone of voice; if only she'd looked if only she'd listened.

Reading Write

I share your point of view fully and am in total agreement with you..? :)

Eve, in memoriam

Wow, last time I visited this site you were a young girl and now you've blossomed into a beautiful young lady. But as always your poetry is constant and sublime.

Across the Table

Painterly pictured by an artist hand.


Kathy, I use come here regularly because you and the Lastromatichero filled these hallowed hallways with so much love.
It was before and ever shall be you're domain. Kathy, his heart is still here, his words are still here. Like maturing rose buds his words are yours for the picking. The two of you made sweet eternal music in this enchanted garden together.
We have all enjoyed visiting. So please dear pluck those thorns from your heart and take a deep, deep breath and return to your garden he is the robin as you are the snowdrop appearing from the snow and I'm sure so shall your wondrous heart grow warm and strike from the ice to stand gaily proud like a golden daffodil. Mark xxx

C'est La Vie

good write!

Higher Heights

On cloud nine, ah, a much enjoyable read thanks for sharing.

On hearing the news

It's like an old Polaroid this poem and it is very much in touch with its subject.


I love these poems Elle there just like Polaroid's
showing smudges she missed
and the nose print
of hope looking out.
Wow, I loved all of these beautiful reflections.

The Veranda

The whole poem Elle seems to just roll of your tongue
and like the rug the whole thing becomes a tapestry
of woven beauty. Good write!

Din of Silence

Great write, Kathy, examining every nuance of thought is all that's ever often left us.

A Voter's View

Wisdom and grace combined together, here. Nice write, Kathy

Stone Skies

While I sleep the sleep of the insane: I've had an out of body experience like this which I know my mother also has. But this one I had was well weird. Not only was I aware of floating above myself I was also aware of lying in my bed asleep in a dream, and aware that my eyes were fully open.
As though I had three separated consciousness, with each one asking the same question? Which one am I who is the real me. Loved your poem bookmarked.

Nut Ward

I enjoyed your style of writing; it felt like you are speaking directly to me and me alone.

No Voice But My Own

This is a very honest write, Kathy, and not much else can I say, except we all feel for you at this time. I'm sure this emptiness won't last because of the wonderful character you have. Maybe it's time you looked at filling your social calendar in with something new and off the cuff. :) You look to me like someone who could or can dance. I know you've had ill health yourself but I bet there are loads of things you could be doing. Give something new a whirl and make a few new acquaintances' but please keep your pen flowing, dear.

Where are we headin'?

Development always means growth and growth always leads to destruction! Man will always wage war on the planet as long as man is here! The countries of the world are like ant colonies. They can get along peacefully as long as there is resources' to be had. But once they are gone, its then each ant nest will attack its neighbour. What else can nations do with jobless soldier ants? This is the sad fate man has been living since time and memorial.

Nice write by the way. Mark

The Hostel Dead

I enjoyed the Read, Kathy, as always you write wonderfully...


Nice Haiku much enjoyed...