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40 years old from Kenya

The latest comments that kip has written.

My burlesque queen

Well conjured...a pleasurable read

Brown Eyes

..is it the colour of the eyes or its very look? The very essence of finess seen in the pigment and valour in eyes...

'F' them

Always a good read Mr. Ink

'F' them

Always a good read Mr. Ink

'F' them

Always a good read Mr. Ink

First Frost

Very well conjured, and a witty touch to the ebb

my poetry

I would describe your poetry as sublime in its very choice of words

Music Written Classically

vivid..so descriptive i could see the music, the symphony in your words

broken faith

a twist to the tale...i like this

nemesis with silver eyes

simply amazing!

On the River Bank...

such beauty in these words, such depth, such intensity
definitely bookmarked!

long time old friend. marvelous write as always

The Misty Yearnings of My Soul

so intense, such passion. This is good stuff, really nice, flowing, simply wow!...

Twilight Zone of Consciousness

simply beautiful my darling Zoya, simply beautiful

Symphony of Love


What more to say, its beautiful, so expressive, such music to the ear...


...a rhyme enough to boggle the mind... put a smile on my face...

Come on Bay writers . . . Competition READ MY TEXT!!!

coming soon...

In The Silence Of My Adoration by M.A.Meddings

...always a pleasure raeding your work, lovely picture of the simple things that make love what it is...

Heart is a Lonely Traveller

Zoya dear, you never cease to capture, captivate, move me. This is brilliance at its peak, skill at best. You inspire me to write the more...I can identify with heart being a lonely traveller...

Tomboy Metamorphosis by M.A.Meddings

Awesome! you never cease to amaze...well thought out.

Lover's Bay

I,m already in love...with poetbay!

Great work!

A Day Called Labour

..thanks, I know the meaning, was just making fun out of English...

Daring my darling by M.A.Meddings

...Always a great read, always a lovely piece of wrk by you... the flow, so vivid a picture painted of a naughty moment...

Raw Woman You by M.A.Meddings

'No lipstick nor painted face defines your grace'

...so well conjured a sentiment held a men too many. this is beautiful work...definately worth the read...

Debut Poem "An Angel Over Me"

...this is great work especially being a debut
i can most definately relate to this.
you should read my piece, 'When love's a Pain'...

This Debbie Reynolds Girl Next Door Feeling by M.A.Meddings

...she must have been, breathtaking... the depth, a lovely read...

His Gifts

...nice, i liked it...

abusive relationships

...its sad how in the senselessness of our thoughts, if any, we resort to jungle ways where no harmony, no love, no desire to be the least bit humane exists... or perhaps we simply are dead to ourselves... its sad.

...thanks for this wonderful depiction of a tormented soul, reality is what it is, we cant ignore it...

Pear Blossoms-Four seasons

...as ususal i am moved by the power in your poetry
the reality of words put together to make sense
relating piece by piece to what life really is
or to the things that make life what it is...

...you are blessed of creativity my dear Zoya...

Nep' on your birthday. . .

...nice, creative...i wish it was my birthday..ha ha...

Niger from Ibadan

...its only fair that i appreciate the vast richness of expression in your work. so well conjured a work of art totally painting the picture of that which should be but is clearly not...

Doc, this is where it hurts

...this is intense
piercing to the inmost of the inmost,
it speaks the very thoughts that
the myriads of disturbed us would never
at any one time find a way to express...


The Englishman and The Rose

...oh that i would hear the sound
of that whispering albany rcse
her sweet scent invading the depth of my strills
stopping for but a moment that which is my heart...

...i love your story...marvelous!...

As the tear drops...

...beautiful, simply beautiful. a heart stopping work of art, i held my breath reading it...

Come the whisper of the fool

...emotions billow sail the mind
wounding on the way.

Selah! Pause and calmly think of that... A great poet's piece...

I am supreme

...a mysterious piece
a work of excellence exemplifying maturity in writing,

...great work!...

these words

...beautiful choice of words... i fancy the flow...

Via Dolorosa

...so real an expression of humility
whilst sometimes we woul kid ourselves
that its simply what we do that makes all the difference,
how mistaken, for such a piece as this reminds
our mortal selves that there's more to life than us...

...thank you Zoya, a lovely work of art...

Wings of Poesy

...oh how you understand these elements of nature...

...beautiful Zoya!
what more can i say...

That Last Night Love Look by M.A.Meddings

...when you love a woman...
what a piece,
this is the mother of romantic poetry
...lovey, simply lovely...

If You Could Really See

...if you could really see,
you'd know that this piece
is filled with glee
worth ten times a read or more...

...a handy work of poetry this is...

I have done it again! (To all my friends on the Bay)

...Zoya dear,
what you say i hear,
For i too hold thine messages dear,
I know it sounds queer,
but your bank of sweet soothing
messages your beloved friends will

...lovely write Zoya, I've been gone a while, ever more impressive is your work...

A song for my darling

...a dance for my darling, a tap, pom pom pom tam tam tam...siple and lovely...

A song for my darling

...a dance for my darling, a tap, pom pom pom tam tam tam...siple and lovely...

Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul

...beautifull, rich with meaning and alive in its very words. this is brilliance, a conversation between hearts, souls, cores of loving beings...gasp...cant say any more...

The poets majesty (to all of you)

...mad love, mad love my friend. You inspire me to keep writing, poetry makes a difference in peoples lives...

Is it a Nightmare; Or Is it True?

...so emotional a poem my dear Zoya, so intense in its every word, paints vividly the picture of death in ones mind, how cruel can man get, how so very cruel can he allow himself to be...

...since am in Africa, it brought back memories of th'94 Rwanda genocide...

thank you Zoya, you are the true definition of a dedicated poet...

Our Love is a Painting

...the symbolism in this poem is certainly thought provoking, a masterpiece this is, a painting in words...love the creativity in it and certainly fancy the originality...good work...

Manque d'air la naissance

...The Reichstag Building in Germany, they say is a symdol of transparency and openness. this is the tough your beautiful poem has brought to me...very well expressed my friend...an excellent poetic flow...What does the title mean though?

The Other Women

...bad place to be that square one , even though one never seems to learn that at that very place square one the progress may only be within the confines of that shapely prison square one which simply means the progress is squaredly null...

...love the work you put into this...

I don't want to be here

...what you've done is not a reflection of who you are hence you should be wherever your heart desires you be...