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Purple Phoenix

51 years old from Australia

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So beautiful and sad. You really have a knack for putting your reader in the picture Elle. Loving your work as always. x

You will be older than me one day (Part I)

The last two pieces I have read of your writing have really spoken to me today! I ponder this often now... Once the view no longer pleases it boils down to the personality, the soul within, which personally I find much more attractive... But that isn't how we are trained to think is it? I think the older a woman gets, the more beguiling she becomes with all her lines, scars and wisdom. :)

Anti-social & social butterflies

I often find myself either in front of the crowd performing or behind it hiding... I make jokes that I could well be the introverted extrovert! The end of the second paragraph might as well have been written from my own head! Then the next one made me think... What would I have missed if I didn't flit around with the other social butterflies? Certainly not my warm couch and a glass of wine! ;)

Autism (not what you think)

This is beautiful. I work with children on the spectrum every day, and none can be classified into a single category... nor should any child for that matter. We are all individuals, unique and viable. He is one lucky son to have a mother who used her instincts to guide him through life, rather than read out of tests books. Touching sentiment in a another well written poem. :)


The title alone grabbed me, (a long-time sufferer of such a thing!) and the poem did not disappoint. Well put! ;)

Faux Pas Passions

This is brilliant... as are all of your writes. I've been known to drop a bomb or two myself. ;) Love it.

A Man Out of Time

Children; so cuttingly honest... and unconditionally loving. Welcome back Brian.... good to read you again. ;)


They say every chance meeting is a lesson. And we soon learn not all lessons are fun... but valuable! Bravo, I liked the short lines, they cut through to the chase. :)

You make the difference

This sings like a beautiful ballad. So well written! Thank you. :)

Cold Morning in March

Wonderfully descriptive. I really enjoyed this, I had to read it over again.

Music For Four Hands / Variations On A Theme Of Rilke

This is beautiful.... my son and I play different instruments but we equally share a love of music that has grown as we have. I really enjoyed this write. :)

Friday Market

We never had markets such as this in my home town despite it being based on the fishing industry. Reading this however, I feel and smell the air, and see all as if I were there...
Once again your imagery is so skillful I feel as if I am watching a short film, or I'm walking through it!

Another brilliant write Elle. x


I often ask these questions, online and off. I'd like to think it healthy curiosity rather than cynicism but blind trust does have a habit of diminishing over time. ;)

The Daisy Picker

I embrace my lameness! If we were all outstandingly brilliant 100% of the time life would get a little dull after a while I think. ;)


I love cheesy old rhymes and that blissful feeling of purely being high on life. I also love the way your pallette of words paint a picture in my mind. So good to read you again Elle, thank you for this piece.

Sunflower Breakfast

I have so missed poems such as this. :) Thank you.


Nice one Mr D. :)

Off The Beaten Track

Brilliant imagery in this. I could see it as I read, real poetry! Thank you. :)

Poetic License

I haven't been on here for such a long time. I think I needed to have mine renewed. You always bring a smile to my face Stan. :)

the dot

Like the imagery in this, and the questions it poses. Welcome to the bay Poet! PP


This made me smile, the way you write is still young and dashing to me Stan. :)

Violate (*updated)

Sadly I understand those invisible scars you speak of only too well... though now, I have learned to love them for making me the person I am now, as hard as the road was.

P.S. I love your profile pic Melanie Sue, beautiful!

Marriage vow to A

This is beautiful, I love the way the rhyming words fall off the tongue so naturally and fluid.... I think I may have even swooned a little. :)

Just perspective.

Amen to that... I can relate. ;)

Summer's Life

"I feel the sun has buttered me
Like a muffin." I love what you do with words Reilley... always have. :)

Two On Two

You really put the reader in the picture when you write! Enjoyed this immensely, thank you! :)

Crocodiles and Alligators

Gorgeous as always! xx

Glimmeresque / A Boxing day prayer

So enjoyed the flow in this... it sings! :)

The Answer

I enjoyed the imagery in this, felt like I was watching it myself. Loved it!

Meadows of barley.

This sings to me.... like lyrics of a song. Lovely.

Rusted terrene.

Read this over and over... well deserving of editors choice. A fine write.


Ahh inoperable romance... I used to say to a certain someone if I could have him removed like a tumour, I would...! I liked this very much. I have wings of my own now too. ;)

Young Love Is Really Swell

And they won't listen, just like we didn't! Ahhh all that wisdom by the wayside. You had me singing again Stan! :)

I Am The Very Model

You're sure not a vegetable Stan... but the mineral AU springs to mind. ;) Loved this... now I can't get the tune out of my head... hahaha! :) xx

The Ghost Of My Love

This has a familiar ring, sadly we are all haunted by a similar thing at one time or another. Enjoyed the form and use of words.... very well written, well done.

The Fate Of A Top

Once again you make me smile here Stan. Too true. :)

The Goodbye

I can hear the sentiment... and the lilt in this. Lovely. I hope your friends travel well. :)

An October Blind Spot

I think there are some things I'd rather forget... and some memories never leave. ;)


The day I stop seeing humour in life, is the day I call it quits. Laugh and say what the hell! :) x

Happy 85th Birthday Mr. King

The last two lines of the first stanza say it all... Amen to that! ;)


This made me smile... too cute! :)

Ain't Gonna Last

Sadly, there is much truth to this Stan, but one can always hope. xxx

An old musician's complaint

I really like those last three lines... Give me peace! :)

After midnight call . . .

Just the word "boing" causes me to stifle a giggle. Will I ever grow up? I hope not! I enjoyed admiring your art. :)

Emotional rehab

Love those last four lines. And such a familiar tale! Thank you for this.

Grandpa's Ashes

Bahaha! This is great, a very clever piece!

I Keep My Visions to Myself

It's only right that you should write the way you feel it Brian. (Sorry from me too Stevie!). ;-)

Satin on The Low Strings

Jim Beam and John Lee Hooker, what more could anyone want? ;-)

My Poetical Slump

Oh I know this feeling all too well. I try not to worry too much, if doesn't come to me right away I think it's not meant to be written yet... if that makes sense.... and I often don't! ;-)

Lou...My Psychologist Friend

That's telling him! ;-)