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Thomas Selnes

37 years old from

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The Boogey Man.

*chuckles* I couldn't resist writing a little poem about the bogeyman myself, albeit without the rule of safety at the end. Guess that'll have to be modified in the distant future!

Great one! Oughta thrill the wee ones before bedtime =)

The Demon Barber.

Excellent! Love reading and writing about legends such as this one. You captured the macabre mood of the legend marvellously.

Dark Chocolate Daze

Hih, how positively cute. :D

A wise man knows not to come between a lady and her cravings for chocolate. ;D

c what - mean?

Now, you wont hear me saying this all that often, but I found this one to be really sweet. And funny. And clever too :D

Cold May

Clever wordplay. Made me grin and read it three more times because well, it's cool :D

just beg steal and borrow and call me on the phone because I am

Not just any girl.

Exquisite, in so many ways.

the orchard

Eerie, m'lady. Sent shivers running wild down my spine. There is something about orchards...

The Box

And an empty box came floatin' by, an empty box an' I crawled inside. Half in the shadows, half in the moonlight.

Hh, you are all crazy mufuggaz ;D

Look at me

It will all be fine.

I am at times a great liar.

The definition of Pornography for all the people who dont really know

Hmh. There is a great amount of righteous people here at the bay. I can't help feeling a tad entertained by some of the statements/proclamations they enjoy making.

Sonnet 102, The Decision

Ah excellent sonnet! Especially fun to read with the pentameter so neatly done.

Collective Indulgence

What in the world has transpired these last few days that has passed me by? Someone made an account to troll members?

The Boy Who Had The Mark

*shivers* So eerie and haunting. As always you present the images exceedingly well, on a raw platter of literal excellence ;)

What will I find in your heart?

Such a cute and fragile query. Loved the second and last stanzas :)

Flowers in December

This is.. Wow. You are stellar. This write is just incredible. The images, the smells, the emotions, the raw concert of it all is right there to be absorbed, or absorb the reader. Maybe both.


Happy Birthday! May the day be perfect and the evening even better ;)

Chemistry 101 ~for Saga's Challenge

Electronegativity; meet electron affinity!

Sweet write BlueyedSoul :)

beautiful in snow_Jack (or whatever your name is)

I wanna hear her sing this! :D

Reinvent the cliche challenge

I'll give it a shot :)

everybody loves to read jinx

A breath of fresh air in an otherwise black and wintery day :D Thanks for sharin', made me smirx!

they called me the river of silence , but I was ruby red as a wild rose

Awestruck, once again. Your skill is singular.

As these petals fall

You are really talented! Really great imagery here, I can even hear the whispering sounds of falling petals.

rate 5

Rate 5 man, rate 5!

another different love poem , for Ylvas challenge

Was trying to comment this a few minutes ago. Your writes have the distinct ability to render the reader quite spellbound. Maybe even a bit poleaxed. Thus making it hard to find words for any form or shape of comment after having read them.

I'll just sit here silently and read it a couple times more, if you don't mind. :)



Powerful. Listen to the dirge.

The Homunculi

Oh, you are here! Might not remember me, I'm schlink from dikt.no ;) I see you have revised this, yes? Well, it's still a wonderful read!

Welcome to the bay :D

Just an ordinary morning


Beautiful in all its sadness.


response to the Challenge by Coolaaron

Gods but you know how to paint pictures in our minds.

As the song became a sword

Aiii, the vacuume of a maternal shriek is palpable in this write.

These acrostics are neat, I love the added punch.

I woke up with you thinking of you and died a thousand times in each second of the days I am not with you

Raw beauty.

"Undo my syntax
Poured into yours"


English is the main language in Sweden

Hehe, such a sweet write. Reminds me quite a lot of Norway. We are often called the 51st state of USA as well. *snickers*

Mitch Hedberg , in memoriam .I.


Yeah, made me sad hearing about his death. One of my absolute favourites as well.

Wonderful memoriam, I'll have to bookmark.

Crimson Bond

*yearn even. *snickers*

Crimson Bond

Wonderful. One of the theemes I'll have to explore myself, being an avid fan of vampire novels.

"For what do I rearrrrn?"


New age man

Hah! This one left me smiling as I pressed "play".

Conversation with a stone

"And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
'Cos I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It's a very, very

Mad world, mad world"

Mad world indeed..

Cheer up missy, pick up that mute of a rock, give it a good toss and smile as you hear it plump, sploosh into whatever lake or body of water that happened to be its landingspot. :)

I'm sure there are more cooperative characters who would love to conversate with you.

You forgot to wait for me at the end of the rainbow

It tells a story for sure, a vivid one at that, despite the antagonist's lack of color.

The last stanza gave me shivers, which is a good sign :D

Secret Garden

To tell the truth, I cannot abide staying in a house when such a solace is nowhere to be found.

A pleasant description, and a reminder of the lack of said secret garden in my immediate proximity ;P

The boy on the moon

Well, I could certainly see the wee gentleman sending shooting stars every which way. A sweet write this :)


*snickers* I almost smuggled with me some of the green glory when I went to Prague two years ago.

Poets, Lovers and Madmen, indeed.

The Spider

As you yourself said; it speaks for itself.

Reminds me of the time I released such an emminent teacher into the jungles of my mother's pot plants. That very same teacher managed to make such a glorious web, that I got all glassy eyed when my mum shrieking like the proverbial banshee, relieved the teacher of her misery and cleaned out her glittery, amazing cobweb.

A metaphore in itself?

Lustful eyes

Hot indeed. :)

The Undead Anthem

Hah! Excellent lyrics. Loved this! Would be cool actually hear the song.


Like these kinds of writes. Good one :)

Fear , fifth stanza

Was going to comment this haiku challenge, but I must admit that this is the stanza that stood out. Those three lines managed to give me the chills. :)

Together we're insomnia

I'm not really a good commenter; but I can say thay this absolutely rocked. The stanza already quoted was really striking.

Loved the fresh taste of it; all the "Love lost, regained, then smothered to death with endless amounts of tears, hugs and moaning sadness" can get a bit dull at times. :p

Death Of A Warrior

Ah, wow. Some mad amount of story, visuals and rhymes here.

Truly an awesome write :D

Sulfur sings

Ah, I love poems with rhymes and a set composition, especially when they work. And this one does :)

What I Hate Most

I cringe a bit inside, everytime I read a poem about love, seeing as it's possibly the most popular topic to write about, making it also the hardest topic to make good poems about. This text had a somewhat more fresh approach though, and I loved the last stanza.

Good write :)

Emotional junkie or emotional alchemist?

Yup definitely a splendid text :)