What I Hate Most

I hate that you are all that I dreamed of,
all that I wished could be real,
and all that I didn't dare ask for.

I hate that you came unexpectedly,
disguised as someone else,
deceiving me at every corner.

I hate that your eyes sparkle when we're alone,
that you blush with one glance from me,
and that you'll never realise how special you are.

I hate that I gave you my everything,
that I held my heart out to you,
that you simply smiled and looked away.

I hate that you left my everything, ripped to pieces,
in clear view for the world to see,
strewn all over your bedroom floor without a backward glance.

I hate that you're going to make me wait forever,
and that I, like a fool,
will always wait for you.

I hate that every night, your face haunts me,
and, despite all of this, you still make me smile,
just because, in my eyes, you are perfect.

I hate that I force myself to see you with her,
just to prove that this pain is real,
although I can very well feel my heart failing in my chest.

I hate that the time for us will never come,
and that no matter how hard I pray,
I feel like no one's listening.

I hate that my patience is wearing even thinner,
but that your voice still manages to freeze my blood,
and make it rush to my head at the same time.

I hate that you know you're perfect for me,
that you know how much I care for you,
but that you'll never find the courage to just talk to me.

I hate that you pretend to be oblivious,
but what I hate most
is that I blindly took the fall.
What I hate most
is that I don't hate you at all.

Poetry by Amanda Manmohan
Read 1074 times
Written on 2006-07-08 at 02:55

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Amanda K
Wow!!!!!Here u did express deeply ,angirly and passionately.You hate wut u r feeling towards him not him as a person but u know wut i like such hating:D.

a five (not often i do that...) because it's so _honest_ and gut-wrenching and real. love it, love it, love it... just _wow_


This is painfully_ beautiful. And yes, the last stanza puts a crown on both you and this write. The reader leaves with this poem's heavy emotions.

Thomas Selnes The PoetBay support member heart!
I cringe a bit inside, everytime I read a poem about love, seeing as it's possibly the most popular topic to write about, making it also the hardest topic to make good poems about. This text had a somewhat more fresh approach though, and I loved the last stanza.

Good write :)

Wow, alot of pain, confusion and hate in this poem. I feel the feelings you have. The way uou put down the words really gives me an insight in these feelings. Amazing poem my friend.


Malin Johansson
I can feel this painfull love!!
Loving another who doesnt love the other person back, and you cant seem to shake his precense of you because he is in the thoughts forever...
And then we just hate to breath, live, think and love one person who doesnt feel the same... Then we want to turn the loving feelings into hate...
A very touching poem, Ive been there and believe me it will come a handsome guy for you, who will love you more than you could bare :)))
A very good poem here!!!

I really feel your feelings towards him!!!yah sometimes we are blind!!!sad poem but almost perpect!!!kissess

Wow, a lot of pain and suffering in this poem..don't wait too long for him...this is a great poem that gave me chills...great imagery.