The weirdness I think of... I'm just in a really odd mood. It all has meaning to me but I'm not sure of how much sense it'll make to anyone else. I apologise for it's length lol enjoy.

The Root of All Evil

The streaks on your face won't stop the inadvertent end.
The stars will still explode,
exterminating all colour from this world.
The black cardboard boxes are no match for my regrets,
and this excruciating happiness
is enough to make me cringe.
I see your purple nails, spotted red,
ready to snap her neck
with the push of a button.

Existence is senseless, and no matter what,
all stars will grow and die.

How can you know that I'm still here
if all you hear is my voice?
Haunting, soft as a razor, cold as your pity.
You can't know if I've ceased to exist
if you haven't seen me in so, so long, my friend.

It was all so forced...this is a fact,
more evident to me than the walls trapping me,
suffocating me.

The kittens here always laugh tremendously,
as if my gasps are nothing more than cynical jokes,
told by an unhappy clown,
read to end all of humanity,
just because his glowing red nose grew dull.

The cry of the captured whale sounds so much
happier than the closure you gave me...
What is sanity
but the need to be accepted by society?
What is true hell
if not the suffering after you crushed my spleen,
and destroyed all of my senses,
as well as my ability to think?

What is the meaning of it all,
if, in the end, none of us will be raptured anyway?

He predicted the coming of all evil on Earth
with the birth of one man,
but he was so, so wrong my friend.
It existed from the moment God made man,
the most awful creature to ever be given life.
Man looked around
and destroyed everything.
He took it all as his,
as if nothing else felt pain,
the way he did.
You took it all from me,
all my pain,
and left me with nothing
but the hope of being reincarnated into a stone.
Maybe then, I'd understand what it's like to be you.

Poetry by Amanda Manmohan
Read 1049 times
Written on 2006-07-25 at 05:17

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i love the words 'excruciating happiness' because that pretty well sums it up at times, don't it? life...

man could very well be the worst creation ever - possibly the best. time will tell the tale. but personally i'm hoping for a happy ending, and not the excruciating kind.

complex, well-written, and interesting from start to finish... well done. :)

Kathy Lockhart
The pain is deep and the sorrow is surrounding you in this poem of sadness and hopelessness. Throughout each topic there is death and dispair. Well written and expressed!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts:) Very well written poem. It is not to long my friend. It can be hard to understand for some people, but I think many people can realte to this in different ways.


It existed from the moment God made man

....this is true!!! nice work....kissess