sigh.. the poem says it all. it's about emotions i've been trying to ignore for a while but that can't seem to go away, and it's what i tell myself to keep what bits of sanity i have left.

Collision Course

So maybe you never loved me;
Maybe I'll always love you.
Maybe I need to get out of this fantasy world;
Maybe my intuition will never be true.
Always and forever
thoughts of you will stop my breathing.

So maybe we'll never be together,
just because you and I
are way too perfect for each other.
Maybe it's the fights that would make it worth it.
Maybe our destiny is to just stay apart
and wonder "what if?"
Always and forever.

Maybe such a cosmic blast,
the collision of my body with yours,
is way too complex for the universe to understand.
Maybe such perfection is not allowed to exist
in a world as disorderly and deceitful as ours.
Maybe if you allowed it to work,
each planet would combust in the middle of its orbit,
and the sun would refuse to shine on the moon
just because it knew such emotions existed.

So I'll accept it for now,
the disallowance of us
for the benefit of the universe,
because our love would be so perfect
if only you'd let it.

Poetry by Amanda Manmohan
Read 983 times
Written on 2006-08-30 at 04:59

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the whole thing is awesome, but those last 2 verses say it the best in my eyes... floor me, why don't ya??? excellent. the disallowance of us... just great stuff (but i'd drop the quotes on "us" if it were me, seems to be unnecessary, but that's just my humble opinion... this is a good poem)

keith nunes
a really excellent poem. such depth of emotion put so beautifully