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Just another little short

hehehe... sweet :) Made me smile, thanks :)


We're slowly inching toward summer here, although it's still a little coolish out there. Going out with a vest instead of a coat has happened this week, it's 9C today. I don't mind, I kind of like cool instead of hot :) But in saying that, it's true summer days can be pleasant and relaxing. I'm glad you're enjoying it :) Good weather is always nice for the morale, it's true. Merci :)

I'll Wait Here

Hm, yeah, sure presents itself to be the case, can't argue with that... unfortunately. The feeling that it's useless resonates. Beautifully written, comme toujours, merci.

French Canadians

Plusieurs artistes n'ont effectivement pas d'accent lorsqu'ils chantent dans une autre langue. Mais les Cananadiens français ont pour la plupart du temp un accent qu'ils chantent en leur propre langue ou non, je trouve. En fait, les Français d'Europe aussi. Je dirais que les francophones en général n'y parviennent pas si bien de chanter sans accent. Ils parlent comme ils parlent, et ils chantent de la même façon. À mes oreilles, en tout cas... :)

for the sake of our sanity

j'ai toutes les misères du monde à écrire mes pensées ces derniers temps, je m'en excuse... mais j'ai vraiment aimé celui-ci, j'aime le langage imagé de tes lignes. Il fait bel effet, en tout cas. Merci :)

New idiom (V F)

je l'aime cette expression-là, être sur la même longueur d'onde... pas trop certaine pourquoi, mais il me semble qu'elle donne une belle image de ce qui se passe. Pour ce qui est de l'expression reliée à l'ordinateur, c'est moins poétique en comparaison... et elle a moins d'impact, je trouve. En tout cas, elle me parle moins que l'autre. Comme toujours, tu me fais penser et j'adore - merci.

sexes (rewrite)

ah, tu crois ? j'pense qu'il y a beaucoup plus au sex entre les deux sexes... quand c'est juste physique, c'est moins complet comme expérience. Juste mes pensées...


Cela ne me surprendrait pas... évolution et tout ça.


hehehe... that is so cute :) I love the way kids make associations in such spontaneous fashion... enjoyed this very much, thanks.

a shift

The consequences of maturing about love and figuring out what's most important are the thoughts that came to me with your words here. I'm intrigued by the ghost's provenance and it being able to make this shift happen though :) Très joli, comme toujours, thanks.


Oh yes, Stan was such a lovely man :) Love his poetry, and Toonist's cartoons to accompany them... the both of them brought a lot of smiles with their talents and their kindness. I'm so glad you found his poetry :) Nice tribute, thanks.

satan II

En d'autres mots, on ne peut jamais s'échapper du mal, car n'importe où où l'on se trouve, il est déjà installé. Comme si son domaine était partout. Un peu dark, mais j'pense que je comprends l'idée.


It's so poetically pretty the way you put things and I'm always left with a pleased imagination each time. Magnificent writing, Allen... it's a sincere pleasure to read, merci.

Uh, oh

With what's going on, I feel like I know where these words are coming from. They create a somber mood, but very unfortunately, reflect where things are at :/ I'd also add "oh, no" to these "uh, oh".

Free me

Your words give me the feeling that nature is the ultimate soother. I like the gentle tone, like you're reminding yourself that you know the way to that freedom where all emotions are in harmony. Very lovely, thanks.


I really like the playfulness that comes through your poetry, Alan :) I'm so happy that you have poetry... and that I have the opportunity to experience the moments you share in it! Thanks.


A brilliant mind! And his writing was just sublime - oh to be able to write like that! Wish there were more like him around... and for sure, the state of things as they currently are would not go over quietly if he were still among us. He'd without a doubt be as deeply disappointed as we are and he'd ram into all of this stupid! I've always highly admired this man...

Terror Firma

The not-knowing and worrying and hoping everything will be fine is the scene I see here. Fishermen husbands off to face the perils of stormy waters and their wives and loved-ones waiting for them on shore hoping they'll return safe. Your descriptions as always build a moment so well. You make my mind imagine and I love that. Merci.

Catnap Dreams

Aw, this is so sweet :) Can't help myself wondering what their dreams may be too... my Lilliput would agree on food and it being fish, that's for sure, as well as being the queen being catered to. As for Abbey, I think hers are probably about running around in wide spaces and climbing places, perhaps running after birds, too lol Enjoyed this, thanks.

Could I

A strong sense of deep appreciation comes across to me with these lovely words. There's an air of longing, too, for that force which evidently brings so much good by how it's described. Very enjoyable writing, it conjures such pleasant thoughts, thanks.


hehehe... you'd rewrite them :) That's funny. So which thirty were picked in the end?


Yes! Books, books, and more books, please! I know the feeling too well :D


A saying to deter kids from using their hands to cause physical hurt when words are unkind and hurtful. Summarizes a thought against physical aggression, not necessarily to dismiss the fact that words can be as painful, I don't think. But you're right, words do have the power of causing hurt, that's for sure.


It's pretty much how I write too. It comes as it comes, and as you say, sometimes it works, other times not so much. If it works, great, if not, oh well. There'll be other thoughts! :)

The words

There's a dream-like quality to the words here that I find very pleasant. Makes me think of how when I read certain writers' words, there's a feeling of being transported away into someone else's soul, so to speak. It's a very special experience to have words make you connect in that manner, and your words had that effect. I enjoy your style, thanks.


This is so prettily expressed! Love to know your inspirations, and I agree that nature has a special way of moving us like that. I know it does me, except I have not written much about it for some reason. Mind you, in saying that, I think I did write one. I'll find it and send it to you. Anyway, a very lovely poem, thanks.


Oh, your words here create an intense kind of feeling with the descriptions. C'est très imagé comme langage, it's easy to picture and feel every part. I know I say it all of the time, but you write very well! Always enjoyable to read you, thanks.

an indelicate farewell

Hm, yeah, a bit cold and unemotional on the adult's part. But I guess it was his way of getting through a painful moment of having to leave his family (I get the sense it's a military family, ref.: khaki bag). I like your poem, 'cause as it's been mentioned, it conveys a lot in very few lines. However, they leave a strong impression, and you can't help but think about all the reasons of why this farewell unfolded in this manner. And you can't help feel for the 'little man'... it must have been daunting. It evokes a lot, thanks.

How beautiful you are

The gentleness of the words here recreate the butterfly's grace. Very beautifully described, and it sends me back to my childhood when I'd sit on the grass observing these marvelous little creatures. Their colorful wings, their moving around in the breeze with it or against it, it was all so fascinating, relaxing and joyful for me. I enjoyed the effect of your poem, thanks.


Oh yeah, tell me about it. My douce moitié's bank got caught doing that, and so now, all their client services are a total pain in the arse for the client 'cause of 'security measures against fraud' put in place that make it practically impossible to bank without going through hoops to obtain banking services! We couldn't even put me as a secondary user on his credit card without having to provide all sorts of proofs (all that was missing was being asked for the color of my underwear!) ... it was such a wind up, so ridiculous, we didn't bother in the end. But yeah, a lot of shady business going on in the banking world, no doubt about that. You bring up a sad fact, but sad or not, it's the truth, thanks.


Oh I like this! Yes, being you will always be the best way to go, I say. I don't think I've ever desired to be someone else... not that I think I'm great stuff or anything, but being someone else wouldn't be me! Here's where my thoughts went this one :) Thanks.


Although I'm not your age yet, it does cross my mind that my time will soon run out just the same -- it really does go quickly. I guess it's a process of acceptance the older you get, and how you approach it is what will make a big difference. I think yours is a good one :) Always admire your positivity, thanks.


This is so nice :) It's got everything... all the important things that make a life a lot more interesting. And contentment and appreciation, an absolute beautiful combo. I loved the details giving us a window into a time of your life that sounds like it was incredibly busy, and only filled with love. Makes me happy to know that's how it was for you. As you know, I don't know the cowboy life, but whenever you write about it, you take me to that world in a way to make me feel it and see it. Immensely enjoyed this, thanks.

Another Line in the Sand

Coming to terms or to a sense of closure when confronted with loss is the most difficult thing to do. You describe the state very well, it's devastating. Although this makes a heart very sore, it is absolutely beautifully written. Thanks for sharing this one.


Yes! Can so relate to this! I've lost countless lines like that. Either as I was falling asleep or when my brain's in a fog... thoughts come, and pouf, they're gone as quickly as they came and are completely irrecuperable. I keep a little notebook on my night table so that when the thoughts come while I'm in bed, I can jot them down before they're gone. But even that little system doesn't work all of the time.. sigh :) Enjoyed this, thanks.


This englobes so many things... like a memory lane trip recalling the good and fun times of childhood and youth in contrast to adulthood, but there's also the marking of cruel treatments during that time for which a heart can never forget. I can relate to that unfortunately. The last line gives a strong feeling of aloneness, it's very striking for me. Reading this made me want to reach out to give a hug! You express those feelings well, thanks.


Oh dear, yeah, that'd make a head turn, wouldn't it? lol She sounds like a wonderwoman, 'cause feeding her baby while walking and doing all of that is some seriously impressive trick! Feeding your baby the natural way is already not a very easy thing to do to begin with, so to picture this woman doing all of that is just wow.

As for privacy, yeah, I tend to agree. Not because some are upset to see it, but more on a personal level, I'm not exactly comfortable exposing my bits to others! Your last line may have something to do with it. I'm teasing you, but this made me laugh... naughty, naughty ;) Thanks.


Indeed, a wholly subjective measurement. But sometimes, I think the eye of the beholder might need glasses? ;) For some it's a superficial assessment like physicality and fashion, others it's more to do with the person's personality and mind. The latter is more my camp. Good thoughts as a reminder that not everything can be seen the same way by all, thanks.


No devil or angel by my side, but the classic image does portray that kind of inner battle I know too. It's a strange thing we do, isn't it? Things are going well, there are no reasons to believe they won't carry on going well, but then the mind gets involved, and it can make it turn in an instant. As always, I love the way you present the moments, the thoughts, and the feelings of your poetry's topics. I'm won over in a matter of a few words every time, and by the time I get to the end, I find myself touched or awed. Always so good, thanks.

I Found Myself Reborn

This has a dream quality to it that is very, very appealing. Your descriptions detail the scene so fully, my mind built a lovely world that seemed to come alive like a moving picture. I particularly like how this woman (or feminine entity) has these strong effects on him, like he's been touched by an angel. A sort of revitalizing moment, filled with sensations and emotions, but the kind that are life-changing in a good way. A lot of good lines in this, I'd quote all of them ;) Very beautiful, it had a calming atmosphere to it that I enjoyed very much, thanks.


Are you saying girls are complicated? Now, whatever gave you that impression ;) This made me think of that line that many men say: "Women: can't live with'em, can't live without'em!". Well, women would say that men have their moments too, I think. Lots of winners out there... on both sides lol I think the title is fitting, so no need to change it. I enjoy your humor, thanks.

when something is missing

This made me feel like it's a coming to terms with a loss. And your descriptions to explain it conjure, evoke, emote so much in feelings and sensations. As always, your beautiful way with words draws a map of the moment and takes me away, merci.

Anne Bancroft

L6-L9, I know, right? I understand making movies from a book presents many constraints, but still, the editors kind of go too far with the bits they exclude! Sometimes, they chop off such important sections of the story that all you're left with is a different story altogether creating wholly different nuances. I much prefer reading the book first before seeing a movie adaptation of it 'cause I know I'll be missing too great portions of the whole story if I go to the movie first. And that's rarely satisfying. Anyway, rambling now :) Enjoyed this a lot, and I've noted the title you recommend for my to-get books list, thanks.

From 2020: Social Distance

lol how to turn a stressful situation into light-hearted laughs! I absolutely love this, merci :D


I think your friend Rick would have been touched by this. I certainly was. Beautiful expression of love, appreciation, and admiration for a beautiful friend, it's very lovely. Thanks.


Wow, how indiscreet and impolite can you get? Geez. Was it a young person who said these things to you? It sounds so immature, and as pointed out, so superficial... it's really not worth letting it get to you. The guy is obviously talking out of his you-know-what. But I can certainly understand your initial reaction to such moronic statements. You are stunningly beautiful, so no need to give credence to twits, I say :)

Park Decisions

I love the descriptions in this... paints the moment so vividly. I felt like I was the one on the bench observing and contemplating on my surroundings and what's going on there in contrast to what's going on inside. There's a sense of calmness about it even if the outside world can most of the times kill it. Very nice, thanks.

Separation Anxiety

Your words describe it perfectly! Being forced to be apart and asocial is so far from joyous or comfortable. In moments like these is when you fully realize how much our social natures play an important role in our well-being. Very well-written, it evokes the situation very clearly, thanks.


I take from these words that writing can be a lifeline! I wholeheartedly agree with that :) Nice reflection, thanks.

MEMORIES additional lines

I could picture and feel all of those childhood joys you mention in this, and they certainly called to mind my own times having that carefree fun as a child. This is very nice :) Thanks.