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31 years old from USA

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The Man With No Name

WOW I have never been a fan on short stories.. mainly cause that's the one thing I suck at... this however is amazing!! I am seriously in awe.. pretty much, yea.. you're a great writer!! wownesss


Tea is good.. very calming indeed... I somehow find this significant from the others... interesting and amazing at the same time??

If I Could...

this sorta thing makes me wanna fall in love with the person who wrote this... that being you? well the emotion and everything behind it is amazing.. i love it


This is amazing.. I can relate.. but the way I see it oyu can have scars on the outside and the inside.. so this is deffinately well written.. agh. I love hte honesty... about the biggest lie.. from my personal expierience I think the biggest lie is I love you or I care... especialy with the "forever" at the end... kudos!

Just one wish

wow this is beyond amusing.. I wish I had a golden toilet... I probably wouldn't sit on it.. but just grasping hte whole concept of having a golden toilets excites me. haha you're awesome.

Remember then?

very cute and very honest =] I love it...


I agree with liz.. that last part reallt somehow stands out.. a great finish to a great poem..

This Sword

I love the metaphor.. it's great!! Deffinately makes it easy to understand..