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I'm a 21 year old female. I have been writing nearly eight years. I love animals and currently own a female rabbit (Powder) and two female dogs (Lady & Mystique) who are sisters BUT one looks like a full blooded Black Lab and the other looks AND acts like a full blooded Beagle lol. Not much else to say except I love to play most games (board, system, or PC) and am in the MMORG Eternal-Lands (under DarkenedAuras) I don't get out much because I am Agoraphobic (really bad) and am trying to get disability for it.


36 years old from USA

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A Beautiful Place (1) - 2007-02-23
Suicidal Depression (1) - 2007-02-23
Bottled Up (3) - 2007-02-23
Accidental Suicide - 2007-02-23
Tina Cries Out (1) - 2007-02-23

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