...I woke up in the morning and i was thinking about a certain lady, and this is what came out of that thought...

...I Can Never Be, Without You...

This fine morning I wake with longing,
With desire, with want and need
Like fire ablaze I burn inside,
My blood boiling and rushing
Within the veins of my being,
I roll side to side, over and over
Clinging to the self that I'm with
My knees buckle,
My whole body trembles
My mind wanders to a world of its own
Unending thoughts unravelling before me,
Before the very eyes of my heart and mind
In some kind of rush...
All this wanting, all this needing
All this desire, all this longing
Uncontrollably fiery,
I need, I want, I desire I long for you,
It's the thought of you that blazes my whole being
When I wake in the morning,
When I brush my teeth and wish
It were your lips upon mine,
When drops of water upon my body pour
And all I feel is the sensation of your touch,
The tips of your fingers upon my lips,
Down, down, down...
To the loss of my breath,
Gasps of longing, of desire, of need, of want
I... I can never be, without you

Poetry by kip
Read 847 times
Written on 2006-06-06 at 11:23

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And some women think that some men have no emotions! This peice deffinetly is full of pure raw emotions. Well done!!

Great imagery here, very vivid.

Zoya Zaidi
Wow, Kip, this is the most passionate poem about longing, intense longing , that I have ever read...I could feel your all consuming longing in my bones...You must have been really chocked with longing then...I can feel that in your words...This one is from the heart ... and of course to the heart...You must read it to her....She will just melt in your arms...
Dear friend Bravo!
For this most passionate piece on longing and desire!!!!
Love, xxx, Zoya