Her blood is the pine sap clogging the awareness of his soul.

She is bad for him. He is magic for her.

A Littie Girl's Fear

Gone are the days when she ran free beneath the shadowed trees with stardust glimmering at her heels and sunlight shimmering through her transparent eyes.

She once thought she could fly if she wished hard enough.


He planted a seed of doubt that would grow into a ravaging fear...

He was a part of her life
but then he left it with a piece of her childhood
and no matter how she cries
he'll never give it back

He was everything she never knew
and now she's lost him forever
the bright-eyed cousin who gave her a spear
and then speared her childhood by killing himself.


If you don't want her, don't save her.

If he hadn't appeared right then
she may have kept herself under the boat
she may have let herself drown

But something about those blue-gray eyes
and the infinite worry within them
made her accept that sunbrowned hand

She let him pull her from under their boat
and from thereon he was to her as no one else could be.
But even he could not erase
the shadowed creases of bruised thought
masked in the dusky glow of twilight
masked they were, but on they pulsed through her
tormented skull.


Next suspect, please.

He was her first trial. And she was guilty straightaway.

So she recieved a life sentence
of never seeing what she had
until it was torn from her grasp.

And the trees wept their silver-backed needles of pure haunted ebony

and the wind howled for the shame of her existence

while she tore her hair and screamed, bent double amidst the shuddering pines and the wailing ferns.


And then she was happy.

Because she found magic.

And she clung to the sweetness she has found
the cute kindness that saved her mutilated heart
and she'd stand, fight, and kill for what she'd found
before she'd let it be taken from her;

the dangerous sweetness that lingered forever
the feeling that nothing stood in her way
the knowledge that no one could take away her freedom

when she was wrapped safely in his arms;


he can't always be there for her.

When he's gone,

night falls with a vengeance
bringing back all her old fears

fear of losing her loved ones
fear of losing her freedom
fear of the ever-present darkness

a darkness which returns to bind her in chains forged
in the shadows of her nightmares

bruising chains of memory and loss
meant to chafe her till she screams
but she only clings harder to the haven she has found

Suddenly he is everything and she has always been nothing---

but somehow that's enough for him.

Words by PoeticProcrastination
Read 1007 times
Written on 2006-06-12 at 20:06

Tags Fear 

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Very very very veeerrryyyy gooooood.
kinda like scary like shwoa eekness.
truly powerful stuff.

that was really good.
it's like reading a romance novel!!!
so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deep....Profound. Beautiful descriptions.



This just....

floored me.


Very dark and hauntingly beautiful!

OMG best ever
must read
its awesome