Far far Away

Even Though

Even Though you are hundreds of miles away,
You are here next to me,

Even though we cannot hear each other speak,
Your words echo always in my heart,

Even though I cannot hold you in my eyes,
I embrace you eternal in my dreams.

So that every time we say good bye,
It is only a physical parting,
because our souls are forever connected

In a Loving embrace

Poetry by Christoffer Waye
Read 529 times
Written on 2006-06-30 at 02:01

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Kathy Lockhart
this is so nicely done. The sweetness of love eminates from this verse. kathy

Malin Johansson
Very beautiful... The distance between two red and bleeding hearts are terrible, but the love surrvives all the bad feelings, and brings hope :))

''Even though I cannot hold you in my eyes,
I embrace you eternal in my heart"

..I can relate through this poem!!!!I liked it!!!!kissess

i wish i had a better understanding of your reference to the word 'thou'...the way you incorporate it into your poem, into your title...i beg to differ. perhaps, 'though' is what you were after, or meant...because, when you write:
"even thou i cannot hold you in my eyes"
that technically, logically, does not make sense...especially in comparison to:
"even though i cannot hold you in my eyes"
i dont mean to make such a deal about it, but it really takes away from the significance of your thought, of what you trying to convey, here, in this bit of poetry...i think, with the exchanging of 'though' for your 'thou' this would be an excellent bit...

Have you been peeking in my heart? 'Coz this is exactly whats going on there... for a special someone....
Thanks for sharing it...