The Smiles We Share

When we sit and wonder,
how, when and why, about the people we let in,
And to whom we say good bye.

It is not something we always choose to do,
more a situation one is told that we have to go through,

By father, a mother, a grandparent or maybe just a close friend.

But when it is time to let go,
when it is time to feel as thou there is no more sorrow,
why is it that instead of happiness,
there is almost a sense of...emptiness.

There are several reasons why this may be of course.

First among them is the fact that we,
where never really meant to be alone,
so when we lose one or more of the people around us,
that connection that binds us, that feeling of coming home.

It will always be missed, because one person,
a single individual, will always be different to the next,
when it is your brother, sister, mother or father.

The amount of love is not in question,
nor the amount of time we spend with the person,
its more a matter of light and how we smile.
When a friend is close, a certain light will show,
a certain smile will spread across ones lips,
we all have different smiles,
maybe not conscious choice,
but we feel it, as the person disappears,
we remember the smiles that we shared,

The times of light, and the times where it was darker around you.

People may say that, one smile is the same as the next.

But I for one cannot not say that my smile will ever be the same,
to my family, to my friends or lovers.

And most times we don't think about the light, or our smiles,
until we feel the devoid of both.

the absence of the people or person with which we shared.

that connection, that feeling of coming home.

So the reason for the emptiness, just might be that realization,
that the smile and light you shared with that person,
will never be there again.

This in itself might seem sad, but I would say that this form of emptiness
is not one of grief, or sorrow or even anger.

Its just the fact that you will have one less smile in your life,
and the light that smile brought, will be missed.

This might sound sad, even depressing
or you might even feel that I'm portraying a form of hopelessness

This could not be farther from the truth.

What I am trying to say is that we feel empty, and rightfully so,
when a light has left us, but the best thing about smiles,
Is that they are very hard to keep contained to oneself.

and even thou one smile may be lost,
the memory of the smiles and light that you shared will never cease.

The emptiness is not void, its is more a parking space, a resting place,
for now we come here once in awhile when other smiles feel distant,
or lights faltering, and watch the smiles and lights we had.
and remember the warmth and love that you shared.

Poetry by Christoffer Waye
Read 1055 times
Written on 2013-10-31 at 12:11

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Segun Adebiyi
Beautifully rendered...Enjoyed reading.