Wedding Day is so special yet on that special day we run out of words. This poem celebrates this day with words dedicated to the one you love.

7) Love, Thank You.

Will it cost all the world to know what is the word?
Will you cross the oceans in search for this emotion?
Will you shed many tears to know what does this feeling mean?
You would search high and low.
You would cry even though.
You will die of doubts and sores.
You would give up and eventually bow.
You will say I love you after all.
How is great to be in Love's care.
To be so tender and for you passion the fender.
With soul and heart u will carry it out.
With faith and trust it will work out.
Just find it and never let go.
Hold it tightly but set it no free.
It's a bless and an asset.
A torch for you road,
A torture as a whole,
And a touch that so soft and adored.
So play the music and be in tune,
And say for the one you love Thank You.:)

Poetry by Amanda K
Read 939 times
Written on 2006-07-14 at 23:49

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otteri selvakumar
Nice to catch and kiss...
2006-11-05 Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
ah how smiling is that :) so uplifting... marriage is such an important commitment in someone's life... even though i've never lived this situation, can feel through these words such clarity as to how a special event it must truly be... you put me in the middle of this event with your words... a lot of love, caring, hope, determination, appreciation, gratitude... it's all there as it should be i think... wonderfully expressive and hits right at the core of how special all of it must be... celebrating words and so joyful... very nice poem :f xx

Your poem depicts a great passion of love. The American writer, Frank C. Labauch in 1984 wrote: "When iron is rubbed against a magnet it becomes magnetic. Just so, love is caught not taught. One heart that is ablaze sets the other on fire. The church was built on love, it proves what love can do." Amanda, always try and remember, 'As oxygen is important to the lungs, such is hope for the meaning of life."

God Bless,

Sheriff Ali

you have feel the deep love and missing it from life. the poem beutifully narate the value of love and its influence in life. ofcourse love is most valuable than anything in the earth and heaven.
when we feel true love frome someone
it will flourish our life. and the lack of love
will felt like missed something valuable in life. l like it and l love it a lot.