this poem is really vivid and messed up. something bad happened and so i wrote about it. you can pretty much guess.


my eyes are red
but i still see you
and your gonna be dead
once im through
because i know who you are
i know what you did
bent my sanity so far
ripped open the lid
and i wont let you
get away
ill tear you apart
no matter what you say

you destroyed my friends
you raped innocence
so now the road ends
by hand of the bloody prince
how you could have a heart
of evil so pure
is beyond me, i start
to see everything blur
because i see nothing else
but a scene to avenge
and i feel nothing else
but the taste of revenge
so ill crush the life out of you
kill your mind, body and soul
so you know what it feels like too
just like the lives that you stole

no demons from hell
could bring as much worry
not the jaws of oblivion
could keep you from my fury
and no chance of redemtion
from what youve created
and your no exception
to all that ive hated
all the tears they cried
and the purity left behind
and the morals you belied
with atrocious thoughts in your mind
they will come back to haunt you
they 'll come back to kill
and boy if they dont
be sure that i will

so think your last thoughts
i dont care anymore
for you, its the end
no tyranny in store
ill never forget
the evil youve stirred
with hate i remember
every single word
that those little girls whispered
whispered in fear
and the way my fists clenched
you took all i hold dear

ive killed you now
and in the wake of my sin
i dont understand how
i had this chambered within
the taste of revenge
is fresh upon my lips
but i still feel the pain
after every tear drips
i hate to say
that even though youre gone
the memories still stay
the scars will live on

Poetry by matt
Read 532 times
Written on 2006-07-20 at 15:20

Tags Rape  Killing  Revenge 

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So forceful. Very frightening. I think it'd even be a good rock song... scary scary dude.