Will I be lonely??!!

I always wonder..
How does it feel,??
When you're surrounded by people?
They think they can help,
They think they can heal.
And you still feel,
one thing,
You still feel lonely.
When you're thinking about others,
And they don't think about you,
Cry, moan, and grieve where nothing else to do.
You think they can hear you,
You think your being smart.
Where will you go further?
Where else shall you hide?
Where now is your dignity?
Where is your pride?
Dark?! Maybe!!
But have you looked inside??
Darkest place you will ever see!
These lifetime fears living,
Inside me.

To be continued....

Poetry by maxmedo
Read 502 times
Written on 2006-08-13 at 21:48

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People can only give advice, healing is within yourself, time and faith. I'll leave you with this since everyone else is trying to be your savior.

Lots of questions and the only one that can answere is you.
The poem itself can be more stringent. I suggest that you try to write it in first person. "I" instead of "you". Don't tell me what I feel. Tell me what YOU fell. That's intresting.
It's just a suggestion. Do what you want with it.