the way it has to be

I watch the sunrise
I watch the sunset
I close my eyes
and see the day that we met
I open my eyes and take A look around
I see your not here, nor ever will you be
I feel my heart sinking into the ground
and I know this pain was caused by me

I love you girl
and I always will
you were my whole world
and time stood still
when my world came crashing down
and now every single part of me
realizes I missed out
I close my eyes, and again I see

I see A future, that wont ever exist
with A house, kids, love, and laughter
and I realize what I missed
not when I close my eyes, but after
A sadness consumes my heart and mind
when I see this future that I blew
A future that I left behind
when I left you

A parallell of how I feel
I see when the mirror shatters apart
the blood dripping off my knuckles is real
just like when I broke my own heart

please believe me when I say
I didnt want it to end this way
I didnt want it to end at all in fact
I took one step forward, and two steps back
im sorry that i broke your heart
I didn't want to tear your life apart
I know this pain is just the start
but I want you to know, so both of us can see
I love you and you love me
none of our feelings were a lie
and I dont want to say goodbye
but this is how it has to be

Poetry by matt
Read 640 times
Written on 2006-09-01 at 23:25

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i read almost all of your poems and all of them are written from the heart. you are very talented
keep writing

A very nicely written poem

So beautilful (Y)
Filled with passion, sadness, and love! All at once!
You described everything so well with so few words, and I loved it! :)
Hope everything works out for you, though!
Ps : bookmarked! :)