"the pettals of spring blom love"

Like a Rose bush

Love is like a rosebush,

When it blooms people stand in awe,

when it is wasted people cry.

when one forces it, you get hurt.

But if you give it time, love, compassion and space,

it will grow into something you will never forget.

So like a rosebush my love for you will always grow,

And blooming petals from my heart I give you,

fragile and scarce, loving tender your touch is to me.

And when the fragrance of you,

Drifts into my heart, I feel that you and I,

Will never part.

Poetry by Christoffer Waye
Read 487 times
Written on 2006-10-11 at 00:58

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
beautiful analogy, well done.

Kathy Lockhart
wonderful images and comparisons.