At times,it's very hard to make a decision.Upon it, many things would change . This is a prayer from a lost resquester who wants things to turn for his good.

21) Dear God (part two)

Dear God,
I am moving to another land and
I am not sure if am going to come back.
They say its road is slippery
And people are sloppy.
But please help me see things differently.

Dear God,
I have got the map
And I am aware of the route
But kindly remind me of
What is right and wrong.

Dear God,
Whenever it seems dark
And bleakness covers obscurely the hearts,
Let hope shine through me
And those chains that tie my hands set me free,
So I can turn that darkness and dim into light.
Plant goodness and virtue in their hearts.

Dear God, just be by my side.

Poetry by Amanda K
Read 896 times
Written on 2006-10-21 at 16:42

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Veld Cooper
Beautiful thoughts and wishes I can embrace - thanks for writing it!

God is always with you and gives you I was told:))

Zoya Zaidi
God will surely listen to you
And show you the kindly light!
That will guide you into the right direction,
And make easy your plight!