For someone I love and a poem for someone you love ^^

I love you

I love you
At the first sight
I loved you
I love you

Here , there
And everywhere
The world will hear
I love you
I have surrender my heart to you
The day you said you love me too

Before the moon
Before the sun
I felt and knew
You would be my man
That's why I loved you
And my love will always continue

You are my Romeo
And I'm your juliet
I'll never leave your hand
I'll walk with you till the end
The day I'll die
I'll die on your arms
Asking you to kiss me
Like the way,
Like you kissed me first time
And my last words
You know what they will be
Holding both of your hands
Saying again and again
I love you

Poetry by Zainab
Read 610 times
Written on 2006-10-28 at 09:13

Tags Love 

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wow, you expressed the emotion so well. it was like candy for the heart. :)

chuma okafor
Hi zainab u 've got love in your heart.that poem is touchy.

Heeey zainab, romantic passionate and well expressed...when one is in love he can create passion redecorate his hearts fashion...and as i say GB2R...:D

very romantic