She was madly in love with a man shared with a lot. Shocking news about her health made her heart bleed. She had cancer all of sudden.She felt hopeless and devastated .Refused to face him with the truth.I appreciate your patience. I know it's long

23) The Cancer Stabbed Her Dream

I pictured you as Mr. Right.
The perfect man every girl dreams to have.
Drew a small house.
Where our kids surrounded us as a necklace around the land.
Where our love did rule and command.
As we maintained showering them with tenderness and care.
A home in which you could consider my long hair as a pillow,
My arms the blankets,
And having watermelon as dinning .
Where we woke up watching the tree of willow shinning.
But the moment the doctor declared;
That my days would be few in this world,
Every dream turned to fake,
Out of shock.
Consequently ,I started to change.
I couldn't tell you that soon my home will be the grave.
And my family would be the mourning birds.
I couldn't excuse you for leaving this universe.
Causing wounds in the heart of the one i love most .
Therefore, i began to avoid you.
Pretending i didn't notice you.
I was tortured whenever doubted I had an affair
Each time my eyes met your precious looks , i swear.
You have called many evenings and nights ,
Morning and noon's,
Sent mails ,sms and more.
Begged me to answer or at least explain.
I felt so faint.
Since i was dying by faith,
but killing you by my deeds that weren't fair.
So forgive my darling for hiding the truth.
Telling you i will never be yours.

Poetry by Amanda K
Read 833 times
Written on 2006-11-03 at 17:45

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I pray for mercy for all those who have cancer may god bless them and may they live in heaven for the rest of their life may god forgive our sins and mistakes for we are human beings that kill steal and hate....may god help those helpless people through their life...may god always give us hope.....may god make things better...

Forever and ever amen

Rate: Praying in tears


Kathy Lockhart
sad, sorrowful, poignant piece Amanda.