"Far away she must go, to land that I have no reaching. Where days are night and and night is day, where i shall forever miss her, my sweet summers bloom."

A piece of my heart

There is a place
in my heart that is forever closed to you,
A place no one can enter,

This is true.

But this part that I have now given

Is a place that no one can tread,

but you

A space only meant for you to open.

Although we are parting and you are leaving,
you will be carrying this part of my heart with you.

and when you are sad, alone and missing home,
look upon the brightest star,
and know that my heart and love will not be far,

I will be sitting at home gazing upon that star,
thinking of how much I miss you,
and send my thoughts across the havens through that star,
to wipe your tears and cradle you heart.

I hope this thought will give you light,
In times of grief and sadness,

because I' m missing you terribly,
and will dread the morrow
that you are leaving me behind.

Now you are on your way,
and in the palm of you hand,
you hold your piece of my heart,
on your way to wonderland.

Do not think that this is good bye,
this is not where our ways part,

this is only a pause in time,
where you and I will see each other later.

A time where you and I only have tomorrow,
and the cherished moment of saying

"I missed you"

Poetry by Christoffer Waye
Read 461 times
Written on 2006-11-08 at 01:32

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