...times when we do things we ought not to do, we would not otherwise do but then we still do...times when we battle within ourselves..these are the times i think most about...these are the times that frequent my life the most.


Even though I shouldn't I do
Unwillingly my flesh does
That, which my heart detests,
Time after time I speak of change
Minute after minute I increase range,
Range between my creator and me.
All the while hungry like a predator
Hungry for the detestable
Vulnerable and penetratable.
I guess I think not when I do,
For what I loathe I do with no ado
Like the wise man Paul I say
That change is here today
All I should do is embrace it,
But daily I become unwilling
For I supposedly seek my independence
Independence from right and wrong
Independence from sense so long
I want to be me I claim
But me I know not all the same
Discover me I need to do
Now in time before I'm due
The deity above sits and watches
My life my shatters full of patches
I need not run away
For I was made out of clay
And here on earth I am to stay
Until my awaited final day.

Poetry by kip
Read 576 times
Written on 2005-10-07 at 11:45

Tags Expectation 

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God did not send Jesus, His son, to the world to make peace, but to die in the cross for our sins. It is our reminder that we have to work for our peace and happiness. Challenges in our life is going to be present along side our temptations. God wants to know our choices in life so we have the Bible that teaches us the right way. We have the Book, do we read it and study it, or we just take from it what we think we need and comformit to our daily lives? This piece made me think and reafirm my trust in God. Thanks.

I think sometimes its the turmoil inside of us that makes us express ourselves on paper better this is a very good piece I look forward to reading more.

I suppose we all go through tempests like this, but not all of us have the courage to face those.