African girl was she

African girl was she
Yes she was, that was her
Who wasn't afraid to die
Who was the black beauty of masai
Polite and kind she was
Favourite food she liked mushroom
Zenabela was her real name
Swahili was her mother tongue
Something she liked more than herself
Her parents, her freinds, her country's flag
Black original colour with purpled eyes
Curly golden hair, African were surprised
Her nails could shine without nail polish
Finished High School never went college
Gave birth at a very young age
She could even run her family at that stage
She was only fifteen that moment
Her mother was also beautiful like a mermaid
Whoever saw her at that time
It was hard to believe that strange look
African girl was that her
African girl was she

Poetry by Zainab
Read 462 times
Written on 2006-11-16 at 13:26

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chuma okafor
Beautiful poem,your words connect to the root excellently.Please tell me what is masai? Keep your flag flying.

Kathy Lockhart
Zainab this is wonderful! You are such a talented girl. I have bookmarked this dear heart. Love, mama kathy