...when i am sad and depressed...my thoughts...were...

Dont try to fix it...

I don'y know why?

Woe still lives in me?

Do you?

Why can't i be?

So in love

Yet so free

Can you see my wounds?


Can you hear my plea?


I want to be loved

Will i be loved?

I want to be touched with desire?

Will i be touched with desire?

I want someone to light up my fire?

Will me fire turn to ashes?

I want someone to write me poems of love?

Can anyone?

Can any one love me without restrictions?

Can you love me without your stupid predictions?

I am tired, you know

Of waiting

Waiting for you

I was a candle of yours

Lighting up your ship

On those dark melancholic shores

I was burning for you in passion

I showed love and compassion

Didn't i?

Why am i lost?

Why did i pay your games cost?

And you left me to wonder?

You left...

You threw me under?


Can you love me?

Can you?

So love me

Touch me

I need you...

Do i?

Dont you think?

I prayed for each and every blink

To find someone for me in life...


I am tired

I am sick

I am sick and tired

Of being pathetic

So leave me alone

As i am supposed to be

Dont try to fix what went wrong

It is supposed to be this way...


Poetry by maxmedo
Read 854 times
Written on 2006-11-23 at 13:11

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Amanda K
you played with words wonderfully. i admire how the text is so transparent and genuine.

Kathy Lockhart
Love will find you. Keep your eternal flame in the window of your heart and love will find you.