27) This is the End of you

This is the end of you.
I can write it down by my hand.
That from now I can say farewell and goodbye.
To a heart once was precious as mine.
I tried to forget what you did.
I struggled to open a new page and start from my side.
But there was like a great wall my warmest tears couldn't melt.
You can say I was mad, heartless ,indifferent or even sad.
But believe it I can't anymore trust ,who traded me at ease
Leaving me with wounds unhealed .
And plenty of questions whose answers incomplete.
They did stab me deep, your lies.
I reached the point of despising every word you have uttered
whether good or bad.
Therefore if there's one word left unsaid it will be "Goodbye ".

Poetry by Amanda K
Read 1134 times
Written on 2006-11-25 at 07:44

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Truely i find nothing more than your poem to describe how i felt when that happened to me...it feels so sad when your beloved one leaves you for no reason (well that wha happened with me)...anyways the pain is nearly gone but the problem is with the scars they stay...as to for remind me...im here we are here...for you...if you ever wanted to cry or talk about something bothering you...we are here....

And tears shall fade away
Forgetting what happened that day
Although i wanted her to stay
But she went...turned my sky gray
Pain is what i am left with
And a broken heart in me
And my prayers shall god forgive her...

Smile and forget


F.i.in.e Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
lies are so stabbing... the hurt and betrayal throb from the words here... once trust is trampled, so very difficult to restore it... "But there was like a great wall my warmest tears couldn't melt" - this line is so descriptive, conjures the intensity of the pain caused so vividly in my mind... very poignant write, squeezes the heart... hope all is well on your side :f *hug* xx

Sad story and I know.
Been through that too many times.
But there is also a bright side,
You're free, new windows to open,
You can fly free.... like a bird on the wing...
Look at it from above, another angle....
... and think: I will survive, I survived.
Hugs, Richard

Leif H T Strand
Nice. More than nice. The poem, that is.
Nice. More than nice. You, that is...

Very strong message deep in the heart
nice WORK