This is a response to Thomas Perdue's "Sonnet 3"

Quiet Acceptance

Death is here in our final hour

Ding!! Ding!!

How our will is drained of power

What silent songs angels sing

Only fate knows not of death

Its slow and settling dance

Vitality takes one last breath

As we accept our final trance

Time plays out the duration

Then waits at our heels

Safety from all temptation

The wind and poisoned meals

One last thought before the lights go out

I've seen the truth and have no doubt

Sonnet by Coolaaron88
Read 1370 times
Written on 2006-11-26 at 00:30

Tags Death 

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Totally Terrific that takes the time of breath away. I loved it. Sorry i got carried away with the Ts. *Bookmark*

Language: 5
Format: 5
Mood: 5
Overall: 5

"Can't rain all the time" You get better and better with every piece!!!

Language: 5
Format: 5
Mood: 5
Overall: 5

Phyllis J. Rhodes
An exciting read!


Language: 3
Format: 3
Mood: 3
Overall: 3

Kathy Lockhart
This has a great flow Aaron and a thought-filled message. Well done.