I believe in me

I don't believe in stars
I don't believe if there are aliens
I don't believe in vampires
I don't believe if there were dinosaurs
I don't believe in Dracula's
I don't believe in Tarzan

I believe in me
I believe God can see
Singing with the trees
Down on my knees

I don't believe in superstitions
I don't believe in mummies
I don't believe in black magic's
I don't believe in fairies
I don't believe strangers
I don't believe in ghosts

I believe in me
Unbelievable to see
I dare walking on the see
I believe in me

by Zainab 1 January 2007

Poetry by Zainab
Read 884 times
Written on 2007-01-01 at 08:29

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I believe in you too Zainab! An excellent little affirmation of who you are poem. I beg to differ re Tarzan, he is one of my childhood heros and I would be sad if I thought he was just a myth!

Smiling at you,


Tony my reply to you

I believe in all the things and I know God created them
If I wasn't believeing I would never have wrote in my poem which I titled it Why read it and you will understand if I do believe in all those things and I believe if God created them but this was just a poem which I explained like I believe in me nothing more than that , And nothing like you think I don't believe in stars or all that God Created.
Did you get me what I was trying to convince in the poem
I think so, you did!

To believe in oneself is a very good and healthy thing!
Hugs from
the alien one ;-)

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
your belief in yourself and God is admirable. Faith is so very important in becoming who God has made us to be. Happy New Year. mama k

tony legba
A positive and hopeful poem, Zainab.
But I am puzzled.
If I believe so completely in "me"...away from all outside forces, I take a position that is anti-God.
In Paradise Lost, this is Satan's position...a total belief in "me" so much so that he can deny God's creation of him.
How can you not believe in stars...you can see them...God created them, according to Genesis.
And there were dinosaurs...the fossils exist...etc.
"I dare walking on the see"...sea...or see/vision?
Wouldn't this miracle be an act of presumption?

nice done
happy new year