Here am sharing the Sms i created and sent for my love. I hope you like it.

34) Sweet Sms for the one you love

* as we sleep , we wish 2 dream & fly to the skies.watching the wonders of life but who needs to dream if your love is her greatest Wonder.

* a good nite kiss so ure heart will always my love miss. close your eyes and let me be your dream so the first thing u do as waking up is remembering me.

* may the words am sending u b4 you dream become stars of our love's sky & may they wrap u with care and love. sleep well,darling.

* as this day starts, we do wonder what does it hold 4 us but there's something we don need to wonder about or have any doubt towards which is our Love.have a wonderful day,sweetheart.

Words by Amanda K
Read 975 times
Written on 2007-01-06 at 08:59

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ah are those ever sweet... so much affection and love in the thougts sent to your beloved... beautiful... i really enjoyed this... i have a big smile on my face :) *hug* xx

Christoffer Waye
Its great!
so natural, and yet passion in the simplest of things great read.

How beautiful! These type of things always keep the fire of love alive! BRAVO!

betsy Firefly
For someone like me who does not receive or send sms, this was fun to read! Sweet!