it isn't always easy , but i am strong enough to hold myself alive, alive with respect that i carry with my ownself..........

*~._lonely living_.~*

no one's your own,
you gotta find your own way .
just try 'na' forget,
whatever they say.

tough times are ahead,
real tough times.
you call them own? ,
they are real mimes.

their love is superficial ,
their care is illusion.
what you see is no dream,
take it as an intution.

i hate them !!!!
i hate them all !!!!
i wanna be lone ,
and no one to call.

i get a chance,
and i'll run away.
i care a damn,
no matter what to pay.

you can't ruin my life,
i won't give you the right.
don't try 'na' do that,
donot cross the height.

you better see now,
see me once more.
let me warn you,
i m stronger than before.

this is my life,
i rule my own.
you got no right at all,
to rot the seed i've sown.

you see these wrinkles,
tribulant an calm.
the shout and exclaim,
"i carry my fortune in my palm".

damn' you , you can't,
you cant ruin my life.
i'll better chose to die,
then to dance on point of your life.

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 1060 times
Written on 2007-01-22 at 15:34

Tags Rage  Anger  Sad 

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Zoya Zaidi
"i carry my fortune in my palm".

This is so true, dear Zeeshan!
Yeah, this is the way to go!
Keep it up this way...

Love, Zoya

Kathy Lockhart
i love these lines Zee:
"this is my life,
i rule my own.
you got no right at all,
to rot the seed i've sown."
You are strong! Never ever give up and please never stop writing

Dan Cederholm

Welcome back to life Brother!!!

I have been missing you!!!

No moore lonely living!!!

All the best, Dan