...so many times we dwell in the past, forgetting whats done is done and there's little we can do about it...

...Let the Past be Past...

Every time I sit to think
I tend to in my head resonate the past
Looking back at what has been
And wishing for that which was unseen
That part of my being that was never revealed
Nor fulfilled

I long for that moment of bliss that never was
When I did what I did but left out something cause
Maybe I couldn't remember or it was
In the month of December yet January to November
Had passed without much to my name

All the same I reckon I spend a lot
Of my day reminiscing, wishfully thinking
That if only time were reversed
If only that part of my life were restored
That I wouldn't wallow in the miasma of the past
Or that whatsoever I did I would have done better

So I write myself this letter
And to all of whom that dwell in that same sector,
Hoping that by this undertaking
I would be able to do some convincing,
That when you and I both sit to ponder
We would reverse our thinking order
And nurture sweet thoughts of a fruitful future

Perhaps am simply trying to convince myself
That since the past has passed
It haunts me no more
Yet the consequences of it has left me with many a great sore,
Memories not sweet but reeking with remorse,
Considering the loss of opportunities
That would otherwise blossom into lifelong amenities.

But then if I consider things that weren't,
The embarrassments that lasted for but a moment
I would be stuck in a hollow hole all solo
Not progressing but pinned to a bus moving
In the totally opposite direction...
So I say this, let the past be past
Or you'll pass away with it

Poetry by kip
Read 716 times
Written on 2007-04-12 at 16:13

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Good point. We are stuck on one time in our life that we wish could be changed and lose sleep on it and alot more sometimes. And whats the point? In the end you cant change it. Whats done is done just move on.
Great write!

Kathy Lockhart
Kip this is wonderful. I love the rhyme pattern and the flow is beautifully done. And, beyond that the message is brilliant. : )