...signed miserable, depressed...my misery stricken-mahogany table

... Mahogany Misery...

Upon a mahogany table I lean
With my palm upside my chin
Pondering deep about life's issues,
About things that never seem to work out
Those things that are a cause for worry
Please don't say that I'm telling you the same old story,

While I think I wonder
While I ponder my heart thunders with anxiety
For upon this mahogany table
I'm able to do nothing but wallow
In the miasma of life's confusion,
Thoughts of nothingness
An overwhelming feeling of emptiness
While my elbow still upon this mahogany wood
Holds my palm to my chin while I brood
And wallow in the barrenness of this moment
So potent with depression
An aftermath of life's disquieting desolation

This table shaped mahogany tree
Were it an oak would I feel free?
Would it be any different?
Would there have been no place for my elbow
To support my palm glued to my chin?
Would there have been no gloom?
If this mahogany table were made out of blue gum
Would I still feel like the earth's scum?
With not much to look forward to
But life's mahogany door slam upon my face
Perhaps a sycamore tree would make all the difference

I can feel my heart tear
A feeling I share
With the mahogany tree that bore this table,
Her base at the mercy of a merciless saw
Ready to reduce her to but a stump
So close to the greenness of growing grass
Alas! Were she a palm
Would she be here now for me to lean?
My elbow upon her
This my mahogany table
Stable and able to support the weight
Of my anguish, my agony, my pain...

So upon a mahogany table I linger and languidly lean
My plane palm upside my chubby chin
Pondering deep about life-related issues


Poetry by kip
Read 775 times
Written on 2007-04-16 at 17:19

Tags Miserable 

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Zoya Zaidi
I am amazed at how you can weave such poignant thoughts around a thing like Mahogany Table! Very interesting and original approach dear Kip!
Long time no see!
How are you doing dear friend?
Love, Zoya

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Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
An interesting poem - I too have often sat with my chin in palm, pondering on life and all its quirks. I enjoyed reading this

Elle x