...a labour day thought...belated though, in posting i mean...

Plight of the Working 3rd Worlder!

Celebrating the achievement of workers
While in their big offices those bastards!
Glory in the bigness of their spacious offices,
While those of our belaboured ilk are chained,
Imprisoned like teeth in metal braces
Like feet in shoes and tightly tied laces,
Rewarding those that have attained fat
Chunks of 'cholesterol' in their bank accounts
Whilst for us the hardworking ones
Feel the heavy dent that's called tax

Hey KRA, please relax
For that dent upon my payslip,
You'd think Kenya has a budget for a spaceship,
I feel that discouraging dent you bastards!
And certainly not the fruits of its labour

But still I continue in my working life
For the little that is left after deduction
I still need,
Of course while my employer makes lots more out
Of my ever loyal production,
At the expense of my possible bulky reproduction,
Clearly a need to decrease my other form of labour
The heavily resonated art of family planning,
Stunning though, that still in my work-related frustrations
That art is ever so evasive!

*KRA - Kenya Revenue Authority

. . . Leon Kiptum . . .

Poetry by kip
Read 744 times
Written on 2007-05-16 at 17:54

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